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3 Rules That Promote High Productivity In Your Call Centre

Call centre managers have the tough tasks of ensuring their (sometimes) large teams are working as productively as possible. With numerous phone agents to manage, it can be a harrowing responsibility to ensure that each employee is performing at his/her best. This is why it’s so important to implement particular office rules that help for both the working environment and team dynamic to be elements of the job that promote high productivity.

Here are three:

1. Generate healthy competition. Call centres that place their employees into teams that compete against each other are some of the most fun places to work! Encouraging friendly competition is a great way to encourage all employees to regularly be on their toes. By offering incentives to your top performers on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, you’ll promote an office culture that includes people who are inspired to be top performers.

In many cases, the incentives can be cash bonuses. Quite honestly, you can almost never go wrong with monetary rewards. And, in others, you can offer such perks to the best performing teams each week as free lunches, early leave from work on a Friday and access to the best parking spaces among other prizes. Don’t forget that even something as simple as a public acknowledgement of a job well done can also go a long way.

2. Offer regular feedback. To branch off of that last point, it cannot be understated that people value being appreciated. A simple pat on the back and “good job” can help to greatly elevate employee morale which always leads to a boost in production. Remember too that feedback does involve providing assistance to phone agents who may need improvement in particular areas. Your penchant for helping out will significantly impact sales numbers and customer satisfaction.

At MeloTel, we offer the Monitor/Whisper Control Panel which is an excellent service that allows you to monitor your employees’ phone calls live and as they happen. The “monitor” portion allows you to go undetected as hear your phone agents speak with their customers. The “whisper” portion of the service enables you to speak directly to your agents without the other parties hearing you. That way, you can provide feedback on the spot, helping for your team members to have better chances of making sales and pleasing their clients right away.

3. Improve your CRM technology. Are you still having your phone agents manually dial their clients? If so, it’s time to make a change! CRM (customer relationship management) software allows you to manage and analyze customer interactions and data. CRM systems are designed to compile information about your customers across different channels. As well, they also allow for manual dialing – which is a huge time and energy saver.

At MeloTel, we offer DaFeeder Preview Dialer which is a simple web-based telemarketing software that allows even the most inexperienced computer users to manage campaign dialing and dispositions. With its feature-rich set of processes, it helps call centres to enhance effectiveness, drive sales, improve customer satisfaction and provide insight into performance. It’s a call-centre manager’s must-have!

For more information about the Monitor/Whisper Control Panel and DaFeeder Preview Dialer, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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