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3 Reasons Why Text Messaging Is Valuable To Your Business

We’re willing to bet that you’ve sent a text or two today. Chances are that, by the time you read this, you will have sent upwards of a dozen or so texts in your day already. We’re basing these assumptions on the fact that texting is an incredibly popular way to communicate. Do you know anyone who doesn’t text? Smartphones are used daily by pretty much everyone to do pretty much everything!

Are you using texting to grow your business? Especially while we’re dealing with our current COVID-interrupted work lives, it’s important to utilize ways to connect with colleagues and clients that allow for social distancing. Texting, therefore, can be considered the safest way to get your message across.

Here are three reasons why text messaging is valuable to your business:

1. Texting isn’t intrusive.

Gone are the days when customers had to pay for every text message they send and receive. These days, texting is a simple way to communicate with others in an unlimited, cost-effective fashion. As a result, texting has become one of the most popular ways to send and receive messages.

People aren’t put off by texts the way they are with blatant advertisements in their email inboxes. This is especially true for the younger generation. If you’re looking to target millennials with your next marketing campaign, an SMS messaging service will serve you well.

2. It’s a direct form of communication.

Other than a one-on-one verbal conversation, is there a more direct way to communicate with someone than text messaging? Think about it. Many emails get blocked by spam filters. Many phone calls go unanswered. As well, social media interaction usually involves messages that are meant for everyone to read on their own time.

Texting, however, is an immediate way to get the attention of a specific message recipient. And here’s the kicker: studies show that text messages have more than a 90 percent open rate! That means the majority of your text messages are very likely to be read.

3. It provides you with a ton of flexibility.

Texting ties you down to literally nowhere on Earth. You can text from your home just as easily as you can from the office. You can text while you’re waiting in line for your lunch just as easily as when you’re relaxing in your backyard with a refreshing beverage in hand. The technological advance that is text messaging makes sending and receiving messages easier than ever before. Why wouldn’t you use it for your business?

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