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Are You Offering The Comfort Of A Local Call?

How do you feel when you receive a call and notice a local area code popping up on your caller ID? We’re guessing you feel a sense of comfort and familiarity. Now what about getting calls from numbers from other area codes? Not so comfortable and familiar, are you? Believe it or not, most people feel this way. Wouldn’t you just love it if everyone your company called saw your number as a local one?

Last month, MeloTel proudly introduced Dynamic Caller ID Insertion. It’s an awesome new feature that enables you to take even greater advantage of your DaFeeder Telemarketing service. Dynamic Caller ID Insertion allows you to add DID (Direct Inward Dialing) phone numbers into your inventory that can be used as possible caller IDs when making outbound calls.

Do you find it hard to secure leads in other area codes?

Many consumers feel more comfortable working with local brands. Because of this, many worthwhile companies miss out on opportunities to grow their customer bases. Something as small and seemingly insignificant as your phone number’s area code can actually be a big deal. How awesome would it be to have your company’s phone number displayed with a local area code no matter where you call?

Use Dynamic Caller ID Insertion when assigning numbers to your campaigns. When your phone agents place their calls, they will display the corresponding caller IDs based on the area codes they are calling. Just like its name suggests, Dynamic Caller ID Insertion will insert the area code that is being called into your phone number. A local number, therefore, will be displayed on the call recipient’s caller ID.

What phone number shows up when you make calls?

Let’s say you’re currently calling Vancouver’s 604 numbers. The caller ID will display your phone number with a 604 area code! If you’re calling Saskatchewan’s 306 numbers, the caller IDs will display a 306 number. If you’re calling Nova Scotia’s 902 numbers, the caller IDs will display a 902 number. You get the picture!

To make things even clearer, let’s just say that your business phone number is 647-321-4444. In your DaFeeder Telemarketing inventory, this number would be considered your assigned default number. When you call Vancouver’s 604 phone numbers, the caller ID will display 604-321-4444. And when you call Saskatchewan’s 306 numbers, the caller ID will display 306-321-4444. When you call Nova Scotia’s 902 numbers, the caller ID will display 902-321-4444.

Are you using DaFeeder Telemarketing?

If not, be sure to check out this YouTube video! It outlines what DaFeeder is all about by providing a very quick, non-technical overview of the service. We hope that, by watching the video, we can effectively communicate what we’ve always believed. DaFeeder is a must-have for any business that operates a call centre!

This web-based telemarketing software allows for your employees to not just have contacts automatically dialled for them – it functions as an excellent online filing system. For more information about DaFeeder Telemarketing and the new Dynamic Caller ID Insertion feature, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL.

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