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The Importance Of Using Hashtags On Social Media

Do you remember when the “#” symbol was referred to as a “number sign”? To this day, the character is still used to represent a number. We all know that “#1” = “number one”. The symbol has also often been called a “pound sign”. This is especially noticeable when listening to the voice prompts of an answering service. However, in today’s world, the “#” symbol is most commonly referred to as a “hashtag”. And boy, are hashtags a big deal!

What makes hashtags so important? They have become an integral part of social media posts on such platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. But, to be fair, it’s Twitter that deserves the credit for launching the phenomenon. It wasn’t even a decade ago when the 140-character-per-post juggernaut began using hashtags as ways to mark specific words and phrases in order to create groups within the service.

By putting a hashtag in front of a word or phrase, it creates a hyperlink that groups all tweets and posts that have used the same hashtag. That way, social media users can better engage in conversations with others who are posting comments about the same topic. Not even a decade after the idea was sprung, hashtags have become all the rage! Seemingly, they are used in the marketing campaigns of all types of brands.

What is an example of today’s most popular hashtags? What comes to mind when you see the hashtag #OurMoment? If you’ve guessed the Toronto Blue Jays, then you’re likely either a big fan of Canada’s Major League Baseball team or you’re pretty adept at scouring social media for specific newsfeeds – likely, it’s a mix of both. On all of the social media accounts representing the Blue Jays, the #OurMoment hashtag is used.

On every piece of marketing material distributed by the Blue Jays, the #OurMoment hashtag is used. It simply can’t be escaped when discussing the team on social media. All social media posts using the #OurMoment hashtag are grouped together in order to help fans interact with each other and even members of the team. The team, as you may likely be aware, hasn’t been this popular in its 40 year history!

Of course, the fact that they are currently playing in the American League Championship Series may have something to do with it. With Game 3 going down tonight at Rogers Centre, the Blue Jays will try to bounce back from their current 0-2 deficit to the Cleveland Indians in the series. Undoubtedly, there will be a full house of raucous fans who will be doing all they can to cheer on their home team to victory.

Why is tonight’s postseason game relevant to your business? Consider the widespread impact you can have if you tweet or place a post on Facebook using the #OurMoment hashtag. It gives you the opportunity to spark the curiosity of literally millions of Canadians. We’d advise you to give it a shot! Even something as simple as wishing the team good luck would be a worthwhile post. We recommend, however, to include a unique hashtag of your own.

When MeloTel posts to Facebook or sends out tweets, we almost always use a #VoIP hashtag because of its importance to our business. As providers of VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services, it’s important that we place our posts in conversations that are relevant to the subject. MeloTel’s Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire not only compose interesting blogs, but manage many social media accounts for our company’s clients. And hashtags are always used!

Call MeloTel at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat on our website to learn more about how our team can help grow your social media reach!

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