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3 Reasons To Blog Throughout The Holiday Season

In our last blog, we stressed the importance of sprucing up your company website for the holiday season. And even though we’re only midway through October, it is definitely the time of year to begin considering the steps you plan on taking to make the upcoming holiday shopping season a successful one for your business. Part of a “spruced up” website is a regularly updated blog. Naturally, you should post entries all year round.

This is just as important – if not, more important – during the holiday season. You may think that consumers are too busy shopping to be bothered with reading your blogs. But that hasn’t ever been proven to be so. In fact, the exact opposite can be argued. With online shopping and online browsing so popular these days, your blog is a lot more likely to get noticed. There’s no reason to slow things down.

Here are three reasons to blog throughout the holiday season:

1. Your blog shows that you’re open for business. In essence, your company website and your physical store location should be working hand in hand. If one is open, the other should be as well. Now, it goes without saying that your website is accessible 24/7. For this reason, it’s especially important to keep your blog going throughout the holiday season. You want to give online users an understanding that your business is constantly operational.

When you cease blogging throughout the holidays, it gives the impression that you’ve “gone away”. Not only will internet users assume that you may be closed, but you will give readers of your blog fewer reasons to return to your website. Blog content, after all, is meant to be engaging. By continuing to engage your readers throughout the holiday season, you give them more reasons to support your business during the holidays and well into the new year.

2. Your blog keeps you active on social media. You know what else goes hand in hand? Blog entries and social media posts were practically made for each other! Each and every time that MeloTel posts a blog to its site, we include a link to it on all of our social media channels. This helps to continually engage our friends and followers while providing regular invitations to visit our company website.

Blogging also helps to express the personality of your brand. During the holiday season, your blog will help to communicate to would-be shoppers your expertise and approachable nature while bringing attention to your wide array of products and services. With so many people using Facebook and Twitter each day, you want that personality of yours to shine in order to attract those who may never have otherwise heard of you. Your blog will help with that.

3. Your blog will help to spread holiday cheer. One of the easiest ways to increase sales during the holiday shopping season is to simply spread the joy that comes with the time of year. Your blog should include a number of holiday-themed posts (you’ll notice that we practice what we preach!), firstly because Google will look favourably upon it. Secondly, your posts will help to endear your brand to others by getting in on the holiday spirit.

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