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The Art Of Keeping Your Employees Engaged

One of the biggest assets your company has is its base of employees. Check that – your MOST important asset is your employee base! What would you do without your team? Your company depends on the hard work, dedication and excellent work of the people who make up your team. It’s only right that you treat them right. And treating them right will ensure that they remain engaged.

What can you do to make sure you always keep your employees engaged?

Always show courtesy and respect.

This seems simple enough, doesn’t it? But how many employers refer to their employees by their last names only? “Johnson, get in my office!” Showing courtesy and respect goes a long way. When you trade that previous command for such a phrase as “Hey Bill, may I please speak with you for a minute in my office?” it can completely change the complexion of your relationship. This will, in turn, help your team members to feel more motivated and enthusiastic about their jobs.

“Use your judgment, wisdom, and experience to create a supportive environment,” insists Eric Friedman on, “When problems arise, examine the circumstances, understand the context, and only then pass judgment.  Respect and trust your team and you will get the same in return.  If you make a mistake, apologize and admit you were wrong.  This will allow your employees to relate to you better, and they will appreciate your honesty.”

Adopt flexible vacation policies.

We all need breaks sometimes. But when those breaks come can make all the difference. Helping your employees to maintain good work/life balances will play an important role in how motivated they are to work for you every day. As well, allowing them to take vacation time when it’s convenient will do a lot to keep both their energy and morale levels high.

“Vacation is essential, and research shows it improves productivity, worker success and workplace happiness,” informs Adam Waytz on, “Beyond its restorative power, a generous vacation policy allows companies to communicate two humanizing messages to employees: ‘We care about your well-being’ and ‘We trust you to get your work done.’”

Offer regular feedback.

It’s important to always keep the lines of communication open between you and your employees. Never let them feel like they’re being neglected. They need to know when they’ve done great jobs. Regular pats on the back can certainly help to keep employees motivated. But, in addition, they also need to know when they’ve faltered. Offering regular feedback ensures that they always learn from their mistakes. This will encourage them to keep improving.

“Feedback is another great motivator,” says Friedman, “Don’t wait for the periodic reviews; instead, offer feedback as often as possible. Positive feedback should be given right away, to encourage more of the same performance. Negative feedback should also be given a.s.a.p. so that workers have the opportunity to self-correct. If you can, schedule weekly meetings with individual employees, to provide an opportunity to discuss ongoing projects and issues.”

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