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Using Your Over The Phone Customer Service To Dial Up Success

Providing customer service over the phone requires a little pizzazz. After all, you don’t have the luxury of facial expressions and hand gestures to communicate your message. When speaking with clients and customers over the phone, it’s vital that you utilize proper tones, inflections and verbiage to be likeable. Of course, it’s also important that you provide prompt and accurate information. This will help your brand stand out against others.

In what other ways can you use over the phone customer service to dial up success?

Make your first impressions count.

In many cases, a person’s phone call will be his/her first interaction with your business. It only makes sense to ensure that every interaction you have with callers is a great one. That way, you’ll always make great first impressions. Greet callers warmly and professionally. Use your callers’ names, if available and introduce yourself courteously.

A welcoming voice sets a positive tone for each conversation. It instantly reassures customers that they’re in good hands. It’s also important to give your full attention to your callers. Acknowledge their concerns and show genuine interest. Use phrases like “I understand” or “I’m here to help” to showcase your focus on the needs of your clients. Active listening not only resolves issues effectively but also leaves lasting impressions of attentive service.

Remember that clarity is key.

Ensure that you always communicate as clearly possible. It’s wise to avoid jargon or technical terms that might confuse customers. Be sure to speak slowly and articulate clearly to ensure that your callers comprehend every word. As well, keep in mind that empathy goes a long way in fostering rapport.

Never hesitate to empathize with customers’ problems and respond with compassion. Phrases like “I can understand how frustrating that must be” or “I’d feel the same way in your situation” validate customers’ feelings and create bonds of understanding.

Be a great problem solver.

It’s important to demonstrate your problem-solving skills to tackle various customer issues effectively. Always ask probing questions to grasp problems fully. Once an issue is understood, offer clear and actionable solutions. Get yourself well-versed in all of your company’s products or services so that you can troubleshoot efficiently.

Don’t be afraid to take ownership of issues and follow through until there are resolutions. Sometimes, this may require escalating the matter to higher levels within the company. Customers appreciate proactive efforts in solving their concerns promptly.

Respect your customers’ time.

In other words, provide swift and efficient service. Consumers appreciate when their calls are handled quickly and without unnecessary delays. If there’s a need to put a customer on hold, ask for permission and provide estimated wait times.

It’s wise to emphasize the importance of patience, when necessary. Some issues may require more time to resolve than others. Maintaining a patient and calm demeanour throughout each call is essential. Remember that patience and understanding can turn even the most challenging interactions into positive experiences.

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