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How To Keep Your Employees Motivated Each Day

As we alluded to in our last blog, the simple, yet effective concept of keeping employees engaged is lost on far too many business owners. Ask around. Most people who complain about their jobs list their bosses and managers as the top reasons they dislike going to work. As a business owner, it’s vital that you keep your employees engaged and motivated. As we pointed out, doing so is somewhat of an art that requires a number of components.

How can you keep your employees motivated each day?

Start an incentive program.

Who doesn’t enjoy getting extras and perks? Of course, a handsome salary is always a great incentive to come into work. However, salaries are expected. Offering additional incentives makes coming into work a lot more fun. Employees will be encouraged to challenge themselves harder and push towards better performances. According to Eric Friedman on, no matter what kind of business you are in, you should look into incentive programs.

“They have been shown to be highly beneficial in motivating employees, and a major benefit is that the cost can be based on actual performance and paid out only after an employee has reached the desired goal,” he writes, “’Do good and you’ll get rewarded’ makes a positive impact on the company as a whole, with employees working harder to meet the target.”

No emailing when you’re on vacation.

Too often, when people leave work…they don’t actually leave work! Yes, it’s great that, in today’s world, we have the capability to work outside of the office. However, there are certain times when work simply needs to be left in the office. To truly help your team re-energize, insist that they stay away from their work email accounts while they’re on vacation.

As reported by Adam Waytz on, “electrical parts distributor Van Meter shuts off employee email accounts when they take vacation. German automobile maker Daimler has gone further, offering employees a program that automatically deletes emails they receive while on vacation. This program sends an auto-reply to the sender explaining their email will be deleted and provides contact information for another employee if the matter is urgent.”

Stay in constant communication.

Yes, you’re the boss. But it’s important to not enter the office each day with an aura that you’re above anyone else. Of course, you call the shots. But, at the end of the day, a successful business is one that has employees who enjoy working for their bosses. Regularly communicate with your team members. Be approachable. Make sure that everyone is comfortable speaking with you. This part of your company’s culture will pay dividends.

“Training sessions, memos, newsletters, FAQs, and regular meetings can all be used to present your vision to your employees,” writes Friedman, “Make sure to ask questions, and if they are confused, redesign the way the information reaches them. Perhaps the most important part of a good manager’s job is communicating effectively.”

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