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The Art Of Building The Perfect Team

Nobody is perfect. And, as a result, no team of people can be perfect. However, there is a method by which business owners can put together various individuals to create an all-star team of employees. At MeloTel, we’d like to think that we’ve done quite well in the “putting together an all-star team” department.

Of course, the members of our team have changed somewhat over the past ten years of our existence – but there has been one constant throughout. The MeloTel team always consists of high-energy people who enjoy working together. Our good friends and clients over at Calgary’s Hire Value Inc. regularly remind us that there are few things more important than putting together a group of employees who jell well together.

It’s all about growing your company culture.

At MeloTel, we believe that our company culture is comprised of hard-working people who are equal parts talented in their respective fields and fun to be around. And, to be perfectly honest, it all starts at the top. Our Founder and CEO, John Meloche is as well-known for his down-to-earth demeanour as he is his dedication to MeloTel’s growth. In fact,this past week, a number of our newest team members shared how John’s personality helped them to decide to join our team.

“I set up a few interviews with (two other companies) and MeloTel,” explains our new Customer Service & Technical Support specialist Steeve Martin of his recent job search, “I went to the two other interviews and it was a pretty corporate environment. And when I got to MeloTel, John interviewed me and I thought that was very special because the CEO was actually interviewing me. We spent an hour and a half talking. It was a human being talking to another human being.”

Steeve went on to explain that John seemed to care as much about him as a person as he did an employee. “He asked me about my ambitions and what I want to do, what my short and long-term goals were,” details Steeve, “He talked about his life, I talked about my life and the whole idea about coming to a new country, feeling hungry and wanting to conquer the world. We shared the same ambitions. It was the human being aspect that made me want the job.”

Steeve is not the only new MeloTel team addition to feel that way.  

Fellow Customer Service & Technical Support specialist Elvin Li Kam Wa also shared his thoughts about his new team membership this week. “It’s been a great opportunity already,” he says of his new position, “It’s been a great learning experience for me, personally. John told me I’ll be able to learn a lot more here, in order to bring more to the table. That was the main reason I chose MeloTel.”

“John and I had a conversation and we got to know each other,” recalls MeloTel’s Back-End Developer, Edy Dimand about his first meeting with MeloTel’s head honcho, “I told him what I thought I could to do for his company and he told me what he needed. He also said I could work from home, which is something that was interesting to me. I could tell MeloTel has a friendly working environment.”

Thanks to everyone who has joined our family! Even if our team isn’t perfect, we feel we’re pretty close! Meet the members HERE!

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