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It Takes A Lot Of Losing To Be A Winner

The winner and the loserYou’re well on your way to running the successful company that you’ve always dreamed about. Perhaps, you’re already there. And if we, here at MeloTel, have been able to assist you in achieving your dreams, we couldn’t be prouder! For many years, we’ve been helping business owners across Canada meet and surpass their goals. And we know that we can do the same for those who are still on their way.

What’s that you say? Business is slow? Things have been tough? You haven’t truly been able to get your company off the ground yet? Welcome to the world of business. We’re all residents here. And if you haven’t encountered hardships, then you likely haven’t been working hard enough to get your brand to the next level. You can’t have ups if you don’t have downs, right?

Last week, we posted a little graphic on MeloTel’s official Facebook page to communicate this message. Too often, people feel like there is only winning or losing and there is nothing in between. But the truth is that in order to achieve your greatest success, you must learn a lot of lessons along the way. This can, at times, include losing a few battles and enduring a few failures.

“It took me years to get my business started,” admitted one of our clients recently, “There was a time when I thought I was just going to close up shop. I wasn’t getting nearly enough customers to pay the bills and it was really frustrating for me. I tried a few things and realized what the trouble was. So, I tried a totally different approach to advertising my business and things started to pick up. I’m glad I stuck with it.”

At MeloTel, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t have a similar experience. That isn’t to say that we had any intentions of closing our business. But we certainly have gone through many changes. Some ideas have worked out amazingly for us – and others, not so much. Today, we’re confident that MeloTel specializes in providing services that best suit the needs of business owners from all over Canada.

Admittedly, it took some time to figure out what those things were. DaFeeder Preview Dialer, for example, was created after MeloTel saw its beginnings sharing an office with a call centre operation. At first, the centre had its employees manually dialing numbers found on sheets of paper and using traditional telephones. This helped to spark the idea for a much more user-friendly and productive system.

Today, the call centre, along with several others across the country, is running a lot smoother thanks to this innovative service. They too, experienced moments when it seemed like it may be better to close their doors due to a lack of interest in their brands. The truth is, there was just a different way to go about promoting their brands that needed to be discovered.

Are you looking for help taking your business to the next level? Are you still working to get it off the ground? We’re confident that we can help you! MeloTel’s products and services work to not only help your business to function better, but to promote itself more widely as well. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL and let’s work together on starting your company’s winning streak!