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Would You Refer Your Friends To MeloTel?

Both MeloTel clients and readers of the MeloTel Blog alike know that it’s no secret how proud we are of our customer service. We pride ourselves on the fact that many of our clients refer to MeloTel as a “people’s company”. One reason for that – so we’ve been told – is that we don’t treat our customers like anonymous numbers. Being a smaller company than the major telecom corporations enables us to get to know our customers on more personal bases.

It’s not our size, however, that makes the mark of our customer service style. It’s our attitude. Following the lead of our company president, John Meloche, we take genuine interests in the lives of our customers. Not only does it help for us to grow our relationships, but it also helps us to constantly develop new products and services that directly meet their needs. Many of our innovations have come as a result of adhering to direct feedback.

And we certainly hope we’ve made both our new and long-standing customers very happy as a result. Speaking of our awesome customer base, we’re always looking to add new members to it. If you’ve had any interactions with any member our staff, we’re hoping that you can attest to the high level of service you’ve received. We’re also hoping that you’d be willing to tell your friends all about it!

Would you be willing to refer MeloTel to your friends? Over the years, we have significantly grown our customer base thanks to the many referrals that have been given from our current customers. There’s no better way for our business to be represented in the public eye than to have genuinely happy customers spread the word about it. And we’re eternally grateful to those who have recommended us.

When people who have used our services appreciate them enough to recommend them to their friends and family members, it really means a lot to us. We can’t say enough about how much we value the referrals of our customers. And although we’re not ones to regularly request anyone to do so, we’d like to ask for your help in spreading the word about MeloTel to the people you know. Thank you so much in advance!

What will MeloTel do for those you refer to us? We’d like to make clear that we never pressure any curious prospects into signing up for our services. Instead, what we do is offer free, no obligation reviews of their current telecom bills. That way, we can clearly outline for them exactly how much money we can save them with the hosted services we offer. They include Commercial Phone Services, Website Maintenance Services and Domain, Email & Web Hosting among many others.

What are the best ways to refer someone to MeloTel? Simply ask your friends to give us a call directly at 1-888-MELOTEL. Be sure to let them know to mention that they were referred to us by you. You can also contact us directly to provide the contact information of the friends you wish to refer. We will then be in direct contact with them to introduce ourselves personally. You may also use the live chat feature on the bottom right corner of our website to contact us.

Every new relationship counts! As mentioned, your support means a lot to us, here at MeloTel. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has ever referred MeloTel to a friend and to everyone who has ever taken a referral to become a new customer of ours. We look forward to many years of growing our relationships with you and providing you with incomparable hosted services at unbeatable prices!

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