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5 Important Traits Of An Effective Communicator

As all business owners know, there is no one element of running a business that will make it a success all on its own. Presenting your brand as a top-notch entity in its industry comes as a result of combining a number of important facets into one and presenting it as your unique brand of excellence. Unbeatable customer service combined with high-quality products and services combined with always following through on promises – these are three of the most important facets.

At MeloTel, we believe so strongly that being a good communicator is an integral part of business success that we’ve built our own brand around that principle. Firstly, we commit ourselves to being accessible, always listening closely to customer concerns and offering courteous customer-first service. Secondly, we offer our customers the types of services that enable them to do the same for their customers!

But what does it truly take to be an effective communicator? Here are five important traits:

1. Being receptive to feedback. Sometimes, business representatives take very defensive approaches to feedback. They reply to customer concerns with such phrases as “well, that’s the first we’ve heard of such a concern” or “most people are quite happy with that product”. That doesn’t help a disgruntled customer. Feedback is meant to improve your ability to satisfy your customer base at large. Be receptive to it and implement changes based on it.

2. Being able to read between the lines. Not every customer is going to come right out and tell you that he/she is upset with something your company did. Many will hope that you’ll be able to satisfy their needs without having to actually ask you to. There are many times when misunderstandings will occur. When you’re able to understand particular hand gestures, voice tones and body language so that you can assess that there’s a problem without being told that there’s one, you’ll prove to be an excellent communicator.

3. Returning upbeat attitudes. Of course, being a good communicator doesn’t always have to entail the ability to resolve conflict. In many cases, your customers will be in contact with you for very positive reasons. It’s important, however, to match their enthusiasm. If someone is having a great day, you stand the chance of worsening it simply by not smiling or return complimentary comments. Be positive and return friendly gestures when they’re sent your way.

4. Being respectful. There will never come a time when it is appropriate to be disrespectful to a customer. Remember that both your words and actions will be communicated to others who have never come into contact with your business before. To spread the good word about your brand’s image, it’s only right to show the utmost respect to each and every customer you deal with. Whether the customer is upbeat and positive or disgruntled and angry, be sure to show respect.

5. Maintaining eye contact. Clearly, this particular trait is important for those face-to-face meetings you have with your clients. A simple inability to look your customer in the eye can give the wrong impression. It comes right back to respect. Have you ever spoken to someone who wouldn’t look directly at you? How did you feel? Don’t give off the impression that the person you’re speaking to doesn’t have your undivided attention.

As mentioned earlier, MeloTel offers its customers a number of incredible services that all help them to be better communicators. For more information about such services as our Commercial Phone Services, Single Number Reach, DaFeeder Preview Dialer or any other service we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the “Live Chat Support” feature on our website!

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