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Providing What You Can’t Get Anywhere Else!

At MeloTel, we strongly believe in providing our customers with experiences that they simply can’t get anywhere else. To us, it all begins with customer service. This is because it is never lost on us that we are customers ourselves. As a result, we always consider how we would like to be treated if we were in the shoes of our clients. That way, we can pretty much guarantee a fantastic customer experience with each and every interaction!

We consider customer service so very important because, based on our experiences, it doesn’t matter how great a company’s products and services are, positive interactions are what keeps customers loyal. With that said, we’re also very proud of the products and services that we offer. And that’s because they too, are included in the “can’t get anywhere else” category. And, when it comes to our Commercial Phone Services, what MeloTel offers is incomparable.

Firstly, we provide telephone services to small and medium-sized businesses that allow them to make the move from their traditional telephone lines to our new feature-filled cloud-based system. VoIP isn’t just the wave of the future – it’s the way of today! Using the internet to communicate is all the rage these days anyway. With people continually jumping online to browse products and learn more about services before visiting or calling stores, it only makes sense to utilize the worldwide web as often as possible.

Not only does that include maintaining a highly-functional website and being active on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, it means making use of telephone services that allow you to make unlimited calls to more than 22 countries! Our VoIP-based telephone services also come with an added luxury that you simply won’t get from any other telecom provider. And it’s bound to save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars!

Free phones! Yes, you read that correctly. MeloTel provides free Polycom phones as part of its service for as long as you are our customer. As a result, your switch from your traditional phone lines to our VoIP-based services couldn’t be made easier. Then again, maybe it could! MeloTel ALSO covers the costs of porting your current phone numbers to us. As well, there are no setup, activation or shipping charges.

When you combine our top-notch customer service practices with our incredible Commercial Phone Services complete with the free phone offer, it’s pretty hard to argue that MeloTel is not a top choice brand in the telecom world. We are committed to building better relationships with our customers so that we are viewed as much more than just an alternative to “the other guys”. We’ve been a “people’s company” since our 2009 inception.

Just ask Wayne Goldstein, who is the CEO of Global Mentoring Solutions. “With MeloTel’s telephone infrastructure services GMS is able to provide support for over 8,000 technical support interactions per month!” he reports in a recent testimonial, “GMS has been relying on MeloTel’s expertise and professional support services since 2010. The up-time and extremely professional customer support our team receives are two of the major factors that have led to a successful and long running partnership.”

Dr. Martin Jugenburg of the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute feels the same way. “The Polycom VVX phone has all the features we need and it was incredibly easy to set up,” he reveals, “The extremely knowledgeable customer service department has been especially helpful with navigating the more advanced features MeloTel offers. We continue to recommend MeloTel without hesitation.”

For more information on any and all of the services provided by MeloTel that you can’t get anywhere else, call us at 1-888-MELOTEL!

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