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The Importance Of Getting Your Company’s Message Out

Running a business is harder than most people may think. Business owners are part of a unique “family” of people who know that it’s more like working 24/7 than it is working a 9-5. There are so many tasks that needed to be handled each day. And, no matter how big a staff one may have, it always feels as if those tasks need to be handled individually. It’s just the way that an entrepreneur thinks. He or she always has to be on top of everything.

While some business owners are great at running their companies, they aren’t so adept at advertising them. This is one of the reasons that business owners’ jobs can be so tough. They don’t just have to ensure that their businesses are functioning in productive ways. They have to let the world know about it as well. That’s a lot of work! So what are the best ways to let the world know all about your business?

Of course, there are the traditional methods of advertising such as television commercials, radio spots and print ads. But, let’s be honest, those avenues are often way too expensive for small to medium-sized business owners. And they don’t generally have the pay off that one would hope for. Naturally, social media is a great way to communicate your message. Using Facebook, Twitter and the like are free ways to interact with a customer base.

And while the use of social media will likely be championed for many years to come, they can’t be relied upon as one’s sole advertising source. Business owners must constantly come up with unique and inventive ways to stimulate the members of their target markets. Contests are one great example. At MeloTel, we have found great success through our monthly Customer Satisfaction Survey $100.00 giveaway!

As Brad Atkin of Canadian POS Corporation has proven twice, our clients are given the opportunity to win $100.00 each month by simply taking a couple of minutes to fill out our online survey. If you’ve had a recent interaction with a member of our technical support staff, you are eligible to enter the contest for your chance to win! Contests, as you can imagine, spark a lot of interest.

They generate excitement as the prospect of winning a prize is always cause for some positive energy. As well, the contest helps to build your company’s reputation as a people-pleaser. While our particular contest also provides customers with chances to win cash, it also provides us with some excellent insight on how we can service our customers better. All in all, it’s a great way to build the buzz surrounding our brand.

However, there is another very unique way to get your company’s message out that we’d like to discuss. It’s known as Voice Broadcasting & Polling. MeloTel offers a unique broadcasting service that allows you to deliver your message in your own voice, in your own words and on your own terms! We are very well aware that voice campaigns run on tight budgets. We also know how important it is to use the telephone to communicate.

So we’ve come up with the most cost-effective way for your business to use the phone to deliver your message. Voice Broadcasting & Polling gives you the ability to reach thousands or even millions of people with ease! With a number of options to help you construct and roll out your new campaign, this feature will significantly increase the attention your company receives. For more information, please give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL!

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