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Ontario Government Cancels 8,600 Unused Phone Lines

Welcome to September everyone! To every student who has returned to class today, the MeloTel team would like to wish you your most successful school year to date. To all parents who are breathing sighs of relief that the busy summer vacation is now over, we wish a joyous return to peace and quiet in your home. And to every business owner out there, we hope that this September marks the start of a brand new level of success for your company!

The MeloTel team would love to be a part of your newfound success.

And we’ve recently come upon some news that may just help us to grow your company’s success that much further. A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that there were as many 8,600 provincial government phone lines that were in effect, but not being used!

That’s 8,600 phone lines that taxpayers were paying to keep active even though no one was using them. Not only is that a waste of money, it’s a waste of resources. As a company that specializes in offering North American business owners cloud-hosted Commercial Phone Services, we were shocked to learn about 8,600 wasted phone lines.

The unused phone lines were recently cancelled by the Ontario government.

Not only will the cancellations help to put taxpayer dollars to better use, but those phone lines can now be offered to citizens and business owners alike who could actually make use of them. That provides your business with many new opportunities.

For example, in the City of Toronto, phone numbers with the 416 area code are highly sought-after. The traditional area code of Canada’s biggest city connotes long-standing presences in communities throughout the city. For this reason, business owners based in the Greater Toronto Area tend to prefer establishing their business phone numbers with the 416 area code.

The MeloTel team is currently awaiting word on the thousands of phone lines that have been cancelled and therefore, available for use. We imagine that since Toronto is where the Ontario government conducts its business, there are many 416 numbers on that list. We’ll be sure to keep you posted about them!

It’s time to go VoIP!

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