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Only Two Weeks Left To Enter Our Biggest Facebook Contest Ever!

A couple of weeks ago, we excitedly announced a brand new Facebook contest! This particular contest, as you may have noticed from the title of today’s blog, just so happens to be our biggest one yet. In the past, we’ve given away $100 cash prizes. But this time around, we thought we’d double up. It’s a $200 cash prize that shares the wealth. In other words, you have the chance to win $100 for yourself and $25 each for four of your friends!

Our contest closes at 8 a.m. EST on September 20th, 2019. So that gives you just a little over two weeks to enter this contest. And, perhaps, the greatest thing about this contest is that it only takes two seconds for you to enter it! Okay, maybe it will take closer to 20 seconds. But, undoubtedly, your time will be well worth the opportunity to win the cash.

Just how easy is it to enter the contest?

Honestly, it couldn’t be any easier! All you have to do is visit MeloTel’s Facebook page. Then simply tag four people in the comment section below the post about the contest. Just be sure to “like” the MeloTel page and ensure that each of the four friends you tag “like” the page as well. As long as you and each of the people you’ve tagged “like” the MeloTel Facebook page, you’ll be eligible for the grand prize.

That’s it! How much easier can it get? There is no skill-testing question for you to answer. You don’t have to upload an embarrassing photo or video. You only need four friends who are also on Facebook – and we’re sure you have a lot more than four to choose from! We can’t stress enough how many people forget this one simple rule: all five of you must “like” the MeloTel Facebook page to be officially entered in the contest.

You have until September 20th to enter.

Again, as of 8 a.m. EST on September 20th, 2019, all comments on the contest post will be disabled. Once the contest is closed, we will verify if you and your team have qualified for the $200. We will then put all of the qualified entries into a hat. Selection from the hat will be done completely at random – all it will all be streamed live on Facebook!

Our live Facebook Stream is scheduled for September 21st, 2019 at 11 a.m. EST. Once the lucky team is drawn, the winners will be announced and payment will be sent to each member via either Interac e-transfer or PayPal. To be clear about eligibility, all participants in the contest must be located in either Canada or the United States in order to receive the prize money.

The $200 prize will be split in five.

To reiterate how the winnings will be split, the original comment poster will win the lion’s share of the prize, which is $100. Each person who was tagged and who liked the MeloTel page will win $25 each. Please keep in mind that there is only one entry per person. However, each of the people you tagged in the comment section can also enter the contest by posting a comment that tags four people of their own. That way, they can also get a chance at winning $100.

Enter the contest HERE!

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