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MeloTel Now Offering 411 Concierge Service!

What’s the 411? Fans of R&B and hip-hop music will know that that’s the title of singer Mary J. Blige’s debut album, which was released back in 1992. However, in the year 2015, the question has taken on a whole new meaning. And that’s because it has a brand new answer! The 411 (a euphemism for explaining what’s happening) is that MeloTel is now offering a 411 operator assisted concierge service!

The literal definition of 411, of course, is a phone number that provides callers with various types of assistance. It has long been known as a paid information engine that offers people quick and easy access to a wide variety of information. But MeloTel has not had a 411 service available to its customers until now. MeloTel is proud to offer its very own 411 service between the hours of 9am and 5pm EST for all MeloTel clients!

And here’s the best part! It’s absolutely FREE until November 1st! That’s right, MeloTel’s brand new 411 service is being offered free of charge to all MeloTel Customers for the next two months. It’s our way of thanking our clients for their loyal service. Over the past several months, we have noticed a need for a 411 service and decided that our valued customers deserved to have it. After all, it provides a myriad of useful information!

With MeloTel’s new 411 concierge service, clients will receive a lot more than just phone numbers. We provide information about movie theatres and their show times, flight schedules, local or international weather forecasts, local events, restaurant listings, hotel listings and other local searches. MeloTel clients now have access to literally anything they need to know, no matter where they are, simply by dialing 411.

Again, MeloTel’s new 411 feature is absolutely free to use until the 1st of November. Following that date, the cost for use is just $2.99 per call. It’s incredibly quick and easy to use and comes in very handy in tight situations when you need information fast. During business hours, MeloTel provides its 411 callers with live operator assistance. It provides you with answers about anything you’re interested in without having to wait in long queues.

There are no boring ads or jingles to listen to. MeloTel’s 411 service provides you with immediate assistance with a personal touch. You’re interacting live with a real human and not a machine! And, by the way, with MeloTel’s 411 service, you don’t have to depend on receiving the information solely over the phone. We can also text you or email you the information that you’re looking for!

Simply call 411, tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll provide it to you via your method of choice right away. We’ll even connect your call to the number that you’re looking for so that you don’t have to get off the phone and dial it yourself. Remember that MeloTel’s new 411 concierge service is free until November 1st but costs just $2.99 per call thereafter. Go ahead and give it a try. It’s available now!

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