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4 Benefits Of Giving Customers What They Want

At MeloTel, customer satisfaction is top priority for us. It’s the reason why we’re so intent on having our customers fill out our Customer Satisfaction Survey every month. It’s not just that we want to make one lucky MeloTel client $100.00 richer every month (August’s winner will be announced shortly). We’re adamant about providing the best possible customer service in the telecom industry.

Actually, we’d love to say that we provide the best customer service in any industry! And we know there’s only one true way that we can do that. And that’s to listen to our customers. Who better to tell us what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong? The Customer Satisfaction Survey has done quite a lot to steer us in the direction of becoming the world’s greatest customer service providers.

That’s a lofty goal, we know. But we continue to implement changes based on customer feedback. For example, in our last blog, we communicated that MeloTel is now offering its own 411 concierge service. Between the hours of 9am and 5pm EST each business day of the week, MeloTel clients can now speak to a live operator in order to get information about just about anything! And it’s FREE until November 1st!

The advent of our new 411 service came as a result of noticing a need within our customer base. Over the course of 2015, we’ve received hundreds of attempts at 411 dialing. Clearly, it was important that we paid attention to this customer need. Meeting the demands of customers should be a top priority of all businesses. By listening to your customers and giving them what they want, you only stand to benefit.

Here are four benefits of giving customers what they want:

1. It makes your customers feel special. At the end of the day, customers wish to enjoy their experiences with the companies they do business with. If you provide similar products and services to other businesses, there must be something about your brand that stands out from the rest so that clients don’t choose your competition over you. Listening to your customers to learn exactly what makes them tick will make them feel special. In return, you’ll get their special attention.

2. It earns you widespread respect. People talk. And with social media being so popular, word spreads faster than ever. It’s not so easy to gain the respect of your customer base when they have so many other companies to compare yours too. This is why meeting their exact needs is so important. It sets you apart. You know the saying “you have to give respect to get respect”. Giving your customers what they want earns you respect that can last a lifetime.

3. It secures customer loyalty. Customers aren’t bound to leave you for their competition when they’re getting exactly what they ask for from you. Not only will people recommend your business to others but, naturally, they will continue to support your business as well. Customers like to know that their thoughts and views are being considered. Ignoring them will encourage them to ignore you. Honouring them will get you repaid with their loyalty.

4. It increases sales. At the end of the day, all business owners want to grow their businesses and earn more money. The way to sell additional products or provide additional services is to provide what your customers wanted in the first place. If they’re happy with the fact that you’ve addressed their initial needs, they will be more likely to try other products and services that you have to offer. That only helps your bottom line.

For more information about what MeloTel has to offer, give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the “Live Sales Chat” feature in the upper right hand corner of our website!

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