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How Does Blogging On The First Of The Month Help Your Business?

Welcome to September! It’s hard to believe that, for all intents and purposes, the summer season has officially passed us by. Well, it’s not quite official just yet. The first day of fall is Tuesday, September 22nd. Nevertheless, a new school year will soon start, meaning that summer vacation is pretty much over.

The first of any month is always synonymous with new beginnings. For many business owners, a new month often entails a new start. It’s a chance to put plans into motion in an effort to outdo the achievements of the month previous. Are you looking to boost your brand’s notoriety? Which business owner isn’t it?

Blogging on the first helps to grow your online success.

Is there anything special about posting a new blog on the first of the month? We definitely think there is. Think about it. A new blog is a sign that your business is functioning. It showcases that it is keeping things up to date. It helps for a website to stay fresh and current. This is why we post blogs so often on the MeloTel site.

However, not all businesses approach blogging the way we do. Many choose to blog just once a week. Some post a new blog every other week. And some companies only blog on a monthly basis. While we wouldn’t recommend such infrequent posting of new content to your website, we would like to highlight why posting a blog on the first of each month is a wise choice.

Blogging keeps your site looking “fresh” all month long.

If you post a blog to your website today, it will obviously be earmarked with today’s date: September 1, 2020. If it’s the only blog you post all month, it will help to keep your company to appear in good functioning order on September 30, 2020. It’s about optics. A blog post from yesterday was posted “last month”. A month from now, a thirty day-old blog will still have been posted “this month”. You get the point.

You’re likely no stranger to the fact that content marketing is all the rage these days. It’s widely known that search engines look very favourably upon websites that regularly post new content. If you’re looking to have your company website rank highly in searches, you’ll want to have a regularly-updated blog section.

Blogs keep your audience engaged.

Blogs are also important facets of the customer relationship. These days, consumers want more than businesses that simply provide goods and services. They want connections with people they can trust. People want to be able to say they “have a guy” they can recommend to others, as if certain brands are their secret finds.

Your blog section helps to connote the personality of your brand. Is it friendly? Are you approachable? Do you provide valuable insight? Ideally, each of your blog posts should give your audience some helpful information that will pique their interests even further. The objective is to intrigue your readers enough to want to revisit your website in future. Even better, blogs should encourage readers to call you directly for help with their needs.

To learn how MeloTel’s Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire can get your blog to generate greater interest in your brand, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL today!

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