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MeloTel Is Closed Today To Continue Celebrating Canada

As you are very well aware, this past Wednesday was Canada Day! We hope you thoroughly enjoyed whatever you decided to do to celebrate this wonderful nation of ours. We understand that the coronavirus pandemic may have thwarted some of your traditions. But, nevertheless, we hope you were able to have some fun amongst your friends and family.

With Canada Day falling on a Wednesday this year, we only thought it right to allow our team to enjoy a traditional holiday long weekend. As a result, MeloTel is closed today and throughout the weekend. Of course, we’ll be back to business as usual on Monday, July 6th. We hope you have an awesome weekend continuing to celebrate Canada!

Canadians have much to be proud of.

As we pointed out in Tuesday’s blog, there is an endless list of reasons to be proud of being Canadian. And just one of those many reasons is the diversity that exists in our country. The MeloTel team, in fact, is a perfect example of what Canada stands for. Our team is made up of individuals that emanate from places all over the world.

Italy, France, Jamaica, Spain, Argentina, Mauritius and Romania are just some of the countries that make up the backgrounds of the members of our team. Canada is home to people who recognize the nation as a wonderful place to live – knowing it is accepting of all cultures. Of course, no nation is perfect. Forms of racism and bigotry certainly exist here. However, we take pride in knowing that diversity is welcomed in Canada in ways other nations can’t brag about.

Join us in stopping the hate.

As we announced yesterday, just one of the ways in which MeloTel plans on continuing to stand against racism and bigotry is our participation in the new #StopHateForProfit campaign. To reiterate, we will not be advertising on Facebook all throughout the month of July. While we may not spend as much as the large corporations that are also boycotting Facebook, we feel it necessary to take this stand.

Unfortunately, Facebook hasn’t done its part in stopping the hate. “They turned a blind eye to blatant voter suppression on their platform,” explains, “Could they protect and support Black users? Could they call out Holocaust denial as hate? Could they help get out the vote? They absolutely could. But they are actively choosing not to do so.”

What is the expected result from the boycott?

The #StopHateForProfit website recognizes that true change will require a lot more than a month-long boycott. That is why they have provided a list of Recommended Next Steps for businesses to take in order to force Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg to address the effect Facebook has had on our society. The recommended steps are broken down into three categories: Accountability, Decency and Support.

“Facebook is a company of incredible resources,” says, “We hope that they finally understand that society wants them to put more of those resources into doing the hard work of transforming the potential of the largest communication platform in human history into a force for good.”

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