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What Makes A Trusted Company?

Business people shaking hands outside officeAt MeloTel, we strive to provide the ultimate experience to all of our customers. And we know that it takes a lot more than great products and services. It requires an incomparable customer service regimen as well. But even with all of the above firmly in place, there is a key ingredient to what makes up a trusted company that not everyone remembers. And we believe it’s the ability to be a friend.

Yes, you can’t be best buds with all of your customers. And no matter how you try, some people may just never warm up to you. But that’s okay. Your brand should be recognized as the kind that pays attention to its customers. And paying attention to detail is exactly how to accomplish that. Do you know your customers by their first names? Do you know about their personal lives?

We’re not saying that it’s your job to pry into business that isn’t yours. Some people prefer to be very private and remain ‘strictly business’ when it comes to their dealings with you. But your willingness to show that you are there for your customers in ways that your competition isn’t is a great way to gain long term trust from your clients. In today’s blog, we’ll outline five key components to being a trusted company.

Sincerity. People can smell a fake a mile away. You can, can’t you? As a customer, you can generally tell when someone is being sincere or not. You know if the business you’re dealing with truly cares about your concerns and is willing to deal with your problem in a matter that can satisfy you. You also know when they’re not really putting in the effort to keep your business. As a business owner, be sure that you show your sincere side.

Skill. We can’t forget that it certainly pays to be good at what you do. Yes, we will continue to champion the fact that genuine concern and impeccable customer service will make or break your business. But you definitely need to show that you are an expert in your field to begin getting the trust you so greatly covet. Be sure to keep updating yourself about new technologies and various happenings in your industry to stay on the ball.

Accessibility. Be available. If it’s one thing that pretty much every customer hates, it’s not being able to get in touch with those they are doing business with. You could be very seriously inconveniencing a customer by not getting back to him or her within minutes. Do your best to make yourself accessible to your clients so that they know they can trust you when they need you the most.

Consistency. All of the attributes listed above won’t mean much if you’re not consistent. Continually showing your customers that you care, steadily improving upon your skill set and always keeping yourself accessible are key ways to maintain customer loyalty for the long haul. You may have pleased your customers in the past. But one slip up could damage the relationships for good.

Relevance. It’s important to keep your business fresh. Proving to your customers that you are not only keeping up with the times, but that you’re an innovative brand is done through keeping your website continually updated, keeping up with social media and utilizing the latest technologies when they become available to you. You don’t want to appear outdated.

As you may have guessed, MeloTel can certainly help you to stay fresh. Not only do we work to exhibit all of the above mentioned qualities, but we work to help you do the same! We offer Web Design Services, Blogging, VoIP Telephone Features and so much more! Give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL. It’s time we became friends.