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Why Voicemail To Your Email Is So Awesome!

With today’s rapidly advancing technologies, it’s no surprise that some people no longer listen to or leave voicemails. “I just read my texts” is often a response to the “Why don’t you listen to voicemails anymore?” question. Similarly, “I just leave texts” is the reply to “Why don’t you leave voicemails anymore?” The individuals who respond this way, however, have likely never owned a business.

“It’s a must to check voicemails,” one of our colleagues explained to us last week, “If you miss even one, you stand the chance of disappointing a lot of people. It may seem like you’re only ignoring one person, but that one person is likely to tell a bunch of others about how poorly your company treated them.” And this is why Voicemail to your Email is so important to your business!

What’s so great about Voicemail to your Email?

Voicemail to your Email is one of the many amazing benefits that automatically come along with MeloTel’s VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services. It sends all of the voicemails left for you to your email inbox as mp3 files. That way, you’re able to listen to the voicemails on any device of your choosing – smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC – whatever!

One of the main benefits is that receiving voicemails as emails helps to ensure that no call goes overlooked. Being able to check your messages in a variety of ways will assist you in responding to calls more promptly. This, of course, vastly improves customer satisfaction and will end up helping your bottom line in the long run.

Email is still very widely used.

While social media and instant messaging are all the rage these days, make no mistake that emails are still used by businesspeople on a very regular basis. In fact, an Adobe study of over 1,000 white-collar workers in the United States found that email is still a top communication method – used about 5.4 hours each weekday!

“Multitaskers even admit to checking email while walking, driving, attending formal ceremonies, talking on the phone, working out, and even tucked into bed,” writes Kristin Naragon on, “All of this suggests that even though politicians and entertainers embrace staccato communication bursts, most consumers still prefer longer form, more intimate email messages when we reach out to colleagues, friends and family.”

Voicemail to your Email automatically archives your messages.

With some phone systems, voicemails get deleted after a certain amount of time passes. However, mp3s sent in emails last as long as you’d like them to. By receiving such emails, you’re also given the opportunity to store messages of your choice in particular folders, giving you precise accounts of the correspondence you’ve had with your clients.

“Your email box is somewhat turned as a free voicemail archive if the feature in your phone system is configured correctly,” notes, “This is realizable because voice attachments can be stored in the email folder in form of audio files. When email notification enclosed with audio files of voicemail is sent to your email box, you can save them after first reading and retrieve them whenever you need as long as they are not deleted.”

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