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What Are The Best Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Company Website?

The strength of your company website is vital to the success of your brand. It’s a no brainer. In today’s world, your business is only as reputable as its online entity. Of course, there are many ways for your brand to be represented online. Clearly, social media are among the various methods of keeping the internet-surfing world up to speed. It’s imperative, however, that your official website is one that people want to visit.

What are the best ways to drive traffic to your company website?

Be a strong email newsletter writer.

Sending out links is a vital way to drive traffic to your company website. By emailing newsletters to your list of subscribers, you can ensure that your website link is readily available in their inboxes. Of course, your newsletters must contain a whole lot more than links to your site. They need to include reasons to click on those links. Be interesting, informative and engaging. In fact, your newsletters shouldn’t read as advertisements at all.

With the fall season getting underway this week, you’re given a great opportunity to generate some excitement. “What’s your favourite thing about the fall?” Ask that question in a newsletter (as well as on your social media accounts) and get a conversation going. Ensure that your message includes a call to action at the end of it. “Be sure to contact (your business name) this fall to take advantage of our falling prices!” is a good example.

Be a social media busy body.

A social media account that isn’t regularly updated is one that loses followers. It’s that simple. It’s imperative that you’re active. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts that post new content on a regular basis send out an important message. “Our business is exciting!” is the general gist.

Did you know that Facebook has an automated lead generation feature in its Messenger app? It allows businesses to create an automated ChatBot experience within Messenger to link to content offers on your site. This is an excellent feature for generating website traffic.

Take advantage of MeloTel’s traffic-generating services!

At MeloTel, we offer MeloSocial. It is an online platform that allows you to compose ONE post that simultaneously appears on all of your social media accounts. If you wish, you can have the MeloTel team compose all of your social media posts for you.

We also offer Animated Media & Marketing Packages for your social media accounts. They include Quotes of the Day, graphic posts and animated videos. Get our team to design unique animated social media marketing images and videos for your accounts to better capture the attention of your friends and followers.

MeloTel’s Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire can generate original content for your website’s blog section. They can also compose engaging newsletters, press releases and website copy to help you generate more online traffic.

MeloTel ChatBot is a service that is powered by artificial intelligence. It lets your website’s visitors interact with a chat interface. ChatBots are known to provide website visitors with better user experiences. They help to boost website conversions as well.

For more information about any and all of MeloTel’s website traffic-driving services, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or email