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Why Referrals Are The Best Forms Of Business Advertising

Allow us to present you with the following scenario. You’re at home watching television and a commercial comes on advertising a plumbing company. This intrigues you because you’ve been having issues with clogged pipes in your bathroom. The commercial details the type of services provided by the plumbing company, but also highlights its “five star” rating among its customers. The contention of the brand is that “no one does it better”.

Considering going with this company to remedy your clogged pipe woes, you tell a friend all about the commercial you saw. He informs you that he chose this same plumbing company to replace a broken faucet and they did a horrible job. The faucet provides lower water pressure than anticipated and the costs of the replacement were higher than first estimated. Furthermore, the service provider who did the job wore his shoes in the house and left stains on the carpet.

How likely are you to do business with the company following that story? We’re guessing that it doesn’t matter how great that commercial you saw was, you won’t be hiring the plumbing company any time soon. By contrast, if your friend told you that the company provided excellent service, top-quality products and offered affordable rates, we’re willing to bet you’d give it a chance. A referral from a friend almost always trumps a good advertising campaign.

Why not ask your customers for referrals?

As long as your customers are happy, they should be willing to tell others all about your brand. It’s important, of course, to provide value to your customers first. The last thing you should do is ask someone to offer you a referral if he/she hasn’t had a good experience. As John Golden of SalesPOP! informs, one of the most important steps in getting a referral is ensuring you are adding value to the customer’s life.

“Make a difference in people’s lives, make changes for them, and once you have done that and the customer is delighted, asking them to refer you is the natural next step,” he writes, “In fact, you may not even have to ask. Some customers will be so happy with the results that they will willingly see who they can refer to us.”

What is the best approach to asking for a referral?

Remember that all relationships are two-way streets. It’s only fair to be willing to offer whatever it is you’re requesting. Are your clients business owners as well? As long as you believe in their products and services, don’t shy away from referring your clients to people who could benefit from what they offer. Doing so without being asked will go a long way in getting the favour returned.

According to, this is the one approach that has a far higher success rate than any other method. “It involves giving as much as asking,” says the site, “In other words, recommending your clients to your friends, family, and business colleagues. Make sure your clients know it was you who made the recommendation, and do it with no strings attached. As the person has got a lead and possibly a sale from your referral they will be much more open to recommending your business.”

At MeloTel, we greatly appreciate your referrals!

If you know someone who you feel would benefit from our services, please fill out our Prospect Referral Form. We’d be willing to offer you $75 for your referral! For more information, call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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