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How Do You Send A Fax Using MeloTel FaxPush?

There is a growing belief amongst the majority of industry professionals that fax machines have become obsolete. This isn’t totally untrue. However, it’s a concept that breeds a bit of a misconception. Fax machines may not necessarily be in style, these days. But let it be known that sending and receiving faxes is still a very important business practice.

We suppose this begs the question: If fax machines are so rarely used by companies in today’s business world, how do they send and receive faxes? The answer is easy! MeloTel FaxPush is a revolutionary service that turns your email account into your fax machine. It should come as no surprise to you that MeloTel remains on the cutting edge of technology. So, in today’s blog, we’d like to provide a little tutorial on how to use MeloTel FaxPush.

It’s as easy as sending an email!

It truly is that simple. You’ve more than likely had a lot of experience sending emails that include attachments. If so, you basically already know how to use MeloTel FaxPush. All that is required of you is to place in the “To” section as it represents the email recipient of your fax. In the “Subject” section, simply write in the fax number, but be sure to place the number 1 in front of it. That way, the fax number will receive your documents.

Of course, you’ll need to attach the documents you wish to have faxed over. You may add any .pdf, .jpg, .tiff or .doc file you wish. Once you’ve sent your email to, you will receive a confirmation email in return. This email is sent to confirm your fax and ensure that you have selected the correct fax number to send it to.

Simply click “Accept”!

In this confirmation email, you will see an “Accept” button. The server will have sent you this email, requesting that your click “Accept” to confirm that the fax may go through. Once you click it, the server will convert all of your attachments in the email into a suitable fax format. Your fax will then be sent to the number you specified in the “Subject” heading. Remember, there must be a 1 in front of the number!

It’s important to note, by the way, that your email address must be added to one of the extensions in our system. Only one extension can send faxes to a sender, so you can’t add a sender’s email address on several extensions. The sender’s email address is used by our system to verify the destination extension for the email-generated fax.

We hope that today’s blog has shed some light on a question that has been frequently asked by many of our clients. But please feel free to click HERE for further details. If you don’t yet have access to the MeloTel FaxPush service, please don’t hesitate to contact us in order to inquire about it. It is an available feature of our highly-heralded cloud-hosted Commercial Phone Services.

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