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How Can VoIP Really Help To Grow My Business?

The title of today’s blog is a question the MeloTel team gets on a regular basis. Even though we’ve been offering Commercial Phone Services that make use of Voice over Internet Protocol since our company’s inception in January of 2009, there are still many North American business owners who are unaware of VoIP’s benefits.

To put it simply, with VoIP, you no longer need a traditional landline in order to use the phone. An internet connection and a receiver is all that is necessary to connect with colleagues, clients and customers all over the world. Furthermore, VoIP telephony provides you with a myriad of features that companies offering old school telephone services can only dream of.

What features come with MeloTel’s VoIP-based phone services?

Calling features include, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Conference Calling, Call Transfers, Incoming Call Routing, Custom Hold Music, Out of Office Options, the MeloTel VoIP Panel and Voicemail to your Email. That last one is something that continues to amaze our clients. It sends all of your voicemails to your email inbox as mp3 files. That way, it’s virtually impossible to overlook an important message!

Don’t underestimate the importance of Custom Hold Music either. As we’ve highlighted in a previous blog, it’s one of the top ways to keep customers from hanging up when they’re on hold. According to Ion Mae on, “for organizations with a business VoIP phone system, using the Custom Hold Music feature is an excellent way to keep callers connected and entertained. Soft soothing music can make a potentially aggravated customer more patient.”

VoIP allows you to take your business with you wherever you go!

With MeloTel’s Commercial Phone Services, you have free access to a softphone app for PCs, Androids and iPhones. It allows you to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world! The app is perfect for any user who needs great quality calling on the go. The best part is that you don’t have give out your cell phone number anymore. With the same business phone number you use in your office, your mobile device can be used to conduct your business.

“A great feature of VoIP is the fact that you can use your system anywhere there’s data, using softphone applications,” explains Emer Farrell of IP Telecom, “This means that if you have employees who travel a lot, such as engineers in site or field sales employees, they’ll be able to use the in-house VoIP system.”

MeloTel’s phone services also give you free phones!

Our Free Polycom Rental program is designed to make your switch to hosted phone services easy and cost-effective. Instead of investing hundreds or even thousands of dollars on new telecom equipment, MeloTel will provide you with Polycom phones as free phone rentals for as long as you are our customer. There are no setup, activation or shipping charges either!

Make the switch to VoIP today! MeloTel isn’t just intent on providing you with top-of-the-line phone services. We’re committed to building better relationships with our customers. We are much more than just an alternative to “the other guys”. For information about our Commercial Phone Services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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