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3 Signs The Look Of Your Website Needs Updating

As the MeloTel Blog has been pointing out all week, it is not only important for your company website to have a regularly updated blog to boost its SEO (among many other benefits), but it’s vital that your site include vivid imagery. The objective, of course, is to entice all of your website’s visitors to become customers. The more intriguing and engaging your site, the more likely people will be to give your company a call.

On the other hand, a bland, stale and stagnant site is bound to send people packing. If you’re noticing that your website isn’t exactly drumming up business, it’s time for some changes!

Here are three signs the look of your website needs updating:

1. Your product photos don’t seem to impress visitors.

In our last blog, we highlighted the importance of adding professional photos of your products to your website. Without them, its visitors won’t have many ideas as to exactly what you’re offering. It’s vital that you make great first impressions. When people visit your site, they should see imagery that immediately captures their attention and piques their interests. This is particularly important for restaurants and other eateries.

“A simple online search for your café menu or comparing options on products you sell is often the first point of customer contact,” notes Kevin Hamstra of 1Eighty Design, “Nothing screams ‘behind the times’ like a stale or slow website design.  If your site is out-of-date what does that say about your business?  Be sure to impress them with an eye-catching, easy-to-use website.”

2. Your brand isn’t boosting its public perception.

When you first started your business, it’s likely that not many people knew about it. However, over time, your brand’s reputation has grown. Or has it? Keep in mind that, in many cases, a customer’s first impression of your company is through its website. If it hasn’t been updated in ages, your company isn’t likely to enjoy much praise from the public.

“The appearance of your website is a direct reflection of your business,” states Wendell Harness of Harness Media, “You need to position yourself and your company as an authority in your field. First impressions are vital to portraying this vision, so it is critical that you redesign your website regularly to stay on top of the latest design trends.”

3. Things have changed since you first opened the business.

Does your website look the same as it did the day you first opened your business? If so, it should go without saying that change is needed. Chances are you have introduced new products and services since your company’s inception. Are there photos and product descriptions of those new offerings? Sticking with the “same old, same old” is no way to treat your website.

“How many new products or services do you offer as compared to when your website first launched?” asks Hamstra, “How much of your information is up to date? Potential customers may be searching for something you offer but if it’s not on your website they often quickly move on to a competitor. Make sure you are providing correct and relevant information.”

Let’s work together on updating the look of your company website! For information about our Website Maintenance Services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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