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Highlighting The Greatness Of Voicemail To Your Email

Voicemail to your Email is great! We just have to say it. And while we’ve long confidently championed this awesome service that comes as part of MeloTel’s Commercial Phone Services, we were happy to recently receive an email, from one of our clients that expressed his extreme pleasure with this new service. Having been granted his permission, we’re happy to reveal some excerpts from that email to highlight the benefits of this great feature.

“I recently started working with a new client in California,” our Canadian-based client informed us, “So communicating with him by phone isn’t always so easy because of the time difference (of three hours). Sometimes, he calls me and I’m on lunch or on my way out of the office. Sometimes, I call him and he hasn’t arrived at work yet. We both get a big laugh out of it. It’s the best reaction considering that our time zones can make communicating difficult.”

“I’m so impressed by the Voicemail to your Email feature that you guys provide,” he continued, “I noticed that when I would miss his calls and he’d leave a message that an email would pop up in my inbox. I spend a lot of time on the computer and have to admit that I don’t always get to my phone as quickly as I would like. I generally see my emails right away. The email contained an mp3 attachment which was his voicemail from a call I missed.”

“One click of a button and I’m listening to his message on my computer, clear as day. I love it!” he exclaimed, “Having this feature makes checking my messages so much easier. Considering the fact that I work on a computer all day, I actually much prefer to have my messages pop up on my screen than worry about having to pick up my phone. Either way, it’s a great feature and I just wanted to let you guys know about it. Keep up the good work!”

We’d like to thank our client for sending us this email and allowing us to share it. Naturally, we also feel that Voicemail to your Email is a fantastic feature. As our client pointed out, it enables MeloTel customers to enjoy the freedom of using the communication source of their choice to check their messages. Furthermore, it provides excellent reminders that calls may have been missed. Plus, getting easy access to messages makes returning them all the more easier.

Earlier this month, we blogged about the fact that a business owner’s accessibility can make or break his/her business. Customers like to know that they can get in touch with the people they’re working with easily. Being dependable is a big part of earning the reputation as a top-of-the-line brand. MeloTel’s services greatly assist North American business owners with the ability to build such reputations.

If you have any questions about Voicemail to your Email or any other of our services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask about them. It is just one of the many amazing features that come with our VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services. You’ll also want to ask us about our Free Polycom Phone Program which offers you free phones for as long as you are a MeloTel customer!

It would be our pleasure to help your company transition from a traditional telephone system to our robust and feature-filled cloud-based solution. With advanced features and unlimited calling to more than 22 countries, we believe that our Commercial Phone Services can’t be beat! For more information, please give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the “Live Chat Support” feature on our website!

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