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Introducing Jay Bauer!

Please join us in welcoming Jay Bauer to the MeloTel team! We’re happy to have Jay join our company as its new Account Manager. Jay’s title, however, is a little unassuming. He is actually a multi-talented web designer and support technician with a long history of computer-based expertise. Having studied software engineering at Centennial College, Jay’s skill set has created a path towards being one of MeloTel’s top software developers and coders.

“I’ve been a hardware guy almost the entire time I’ve been alive,” professes the Belleville, Ontario-native, “It’s a natural fit for me to be here at MeloTel. I’ve been doing everything computer-related since I was a kid.” Taking apart computers and putting them back together isn’t just one of Jay’s strong suits in his professional life. He admits to spending as much time on the computer at home as he does at work!

“I spend all day at the office on my computer. When I get home, I spend the remainder of my time on the computer,” Jay laughs, “That’s one of the reasons I enjoy web design so much, because it’s been a hobby of mine for a long time. I like coding, it’s fun. I spend a lot of time tinkering with electronics.” And while Jay’s love for computers and technology has spanned his lifetime, he admits that his appearance may not play the stereotypical part.

The 25 year-old doesn’t mind being a member of the “looks can be deceiving category”. One who can easily be mistaken for the lead singer of a rock band over a tech wizard, Jay embraces his love for music as much as he does computers. Citing Pennsylvania-based alternative rock band, Ween as an all-time favourite, Jay also has a background in audio engineering. Recording and mixing music is just one of his many hobbies that require keyboards and monitors.

Equal parts computer expert and music lover, it’s the addition of Jay’s dedication to unbeatable customer service that truly makes him the perfect fit on the MeloTel team. He admits that one of his favourite aspects of his new position is the freedom it allows him to interact with customers in genuine ways. Working directly with customers to discover their exact needs and requests for their company websites is a joy for Jay.

“I’ve worked in customer service for a long time and one of my biggest issues, in the past, has always been the idea of quantity over quality,” he reveals, “You have to talk to people as fast as possible and ask them questions like ‘Have I resolved all your problems today?’ when you know, in your head, that you haven’t. You just have to say that before you get off the phone or you get in trouble.”

What is unique about MeloTel’s approach to customer service? “I enjoy that, at MeloTel, I can be myself on the phone,” exclaims Jay, “I’m the kind of guy who likes to be thorough. I like to take my time to explain things to the customer to make sure he knows what’s going on. It’s not something I’ve been able to really do before. I like making sure that my customers are happy before I get off the phone with them.”

Where does Jay see himself in the next few years? “Down the road, I hope to work with Robert (Doroftei, MeloTel’s Senior Developer and Software Specialist) on some stuff to lighten his load a little bit,” he says, “He does a lot on the programming side and has a lot of work on his plate.” In the short time that Jay has been part of the MeloTel team, he has already proven himself to be a huge asset.

We look forward to growing our brand with Jay as one of its leading representatives. Welcome to MeloTel Jay!

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