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Happy Phone Agents Make The Best Customer Service Providers

Are you still feeling the joy that sparked from the Toronto Raptors winning their first-ever NBA Championship last Thursday? If you’re a Canadian sports fan, chances are the smile hasn’t yet left your face. This is especially true if you were in Toronto yesterday morning.

The Toronto Raptors held their Championship Parade in downtown Toronto and drew crowds the likes the city has never seen. It was an incredible event capped off by a huge rally at Nathan Phillips Square. But, now that the dust has settled, there’s no reason for the good-natured energy inspired by the Raptors to end. And, if you work in a call centre, you know how important it is to be upbeat every day.

High employee morale is a key to a successful call centre business.

As we’ve pointed out in numerous blogs before, phone agents have tough tasks each and every day. Many take upwards of 100 calls or more with every shift. Therefore, being pleasant, friendly and energetic all the time can be difficult. As a call centre manager, it’s your job to ensure your phone agents are always in good spirits.

As affirms, bad moods can mean bad customer service. “You know the expression, ‘check your problems at the door’?” asks the website, “When it comes to providing great customer service, it’s crucial that your employees check their problems at the door. Few things are more of a warning sign to customers than a representative of your company’s bad mood spilling out into bad service.”

Empathy is everything.

When your call centre phone agents enjoy working for your company, it will reflect in the way they handle irate customers. Not every caller is bound to be in a good mood. So it’s important for your team members to be able to show empathy to customers who are upset. Getting into an argument is certainly no way to generate customer satisfaction.

As advises, when dealing with a caller who is shouting, try saying, “’I can solve this problem for you, but only if we can discuss it calmly.’…Another way to calm down an angry customer is by using empathy to avoid fanning the fire.”

It’s important for phone agents to take pride in their work.

If you have employees who simply show up each day to collect pay cheques, you’re bound to have some disgruntled workers on your team. It’s vital to your company’s success that its team members care about their performances. Be sure to have feedback sessions that encourage your employees to express their concerns if they have any. And, by all means, make sure to address those concerns.

As makes clear, you don’t want the type of phone agents who are unwilling to provide optimum customer service when they’re about to end their shifts or go on break. “Ideally, the last caller of an agent’s shift should get the same service as the first, even if it makes the agent late home,” says the site, “Sadly, that’s just the way of the job.”

If you’re really looking to make your feedback sessions productive, take advantage of MeloTel’s Monitor/Whisper Control Panel. It allows you go undetected while you listen to calls live. You’re also able to provide immediate feedback to your agents without callers hearing you! For information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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