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Client Spotlight: Trillium TLC

Do you “love” your valuable belongings? Most of us do. In many cases, our jackets, purses, dresses and sports equipment carry especially important meaning for us. Even when they no longer fit us or can’t be used any further, we hold on to them because of their sentimental value. It’s this love that makes us all wish we could restore many of our older valuable belongings to states of brand newness.

Introducing Trillium TLC!

Lucky for Greater Toronto Area residents, Trillium TLC has found a way to clean and repair all of the things you love. The Etobicoke, Ontario-based company actually houses seven different independent entities under one roof: Love Your Leather, Love Your Purse, Love Your Dress, Love Your Rug, Love Your Drapery, Love Your Gear and Love Your Tailor.

What that means is if you need to eliminate a stain from your expensive suede jacket, repair the rip in your designer handbag, thoroughly clean your old area rug or even disinfect your stinky hockey equipment, Trillium TLC is the company for you! Brides-to-be may especially be interested in the “Love Your Dress” and “Love Your Tailor” entities of the business considering that wedding season is quickly approaching.

Earlier this week, we spoke to Trillium TLC’s National Sales Manager, Jim St. Pierre.

He explained that his company has mastered the ability press a wrinkly wedding dress after it has taken a trip in a suitcase and make alterations to a dress that no longer fits. Trillium TLC is especially known for making such repairs last minute.

“We offer last minute alterations and repairs,” explains Jim, “We have eight tailors. If a bride changes her size and the dress doesn’t quite fit, we’ll fix it up. If a bride has travelled on a plane and has put her gown in a suitcase, we make sure it’s pressed before the wedding date.”

He went on to tell us, however, that the true definition of Trillium TLC’s services comes not by way of their cleaning and repair jobs, but by way of their love for their customers. Jim offered an example of a customer who was in tears because other cleaning companies had consistently turned her away due to a bedbug problem. Trillium TLC had done more than offered its cleaning services to this woman. They offered a shoulder to cry on – literally.

“I’m glad someone is treating me like a human being.”

“I was in the front of the parking lot and she’s in tears and she hugged me for a solid two minutes saying ‘I’m glad someone is treating me like a human being’,” Jim recalls, “This is what we do here. We go over and above to make people feel comfortable. We customize our service to make our customers feel welcome.”

We couldn’t be more thrilled know that MeloTel’s VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services are being utilized by Trillium TLC. Jim has informed us that the transition from their old “archaic phone system” has greatly assisted him in conducting business for the brand. He excitedly announced the company’s plans for expansion, noting how our cloud-hosted phone services will enable him and his team to keep in contact no matter which of their locations will make up their places of work.

For more information about Trillium TLC’s professional cleaning and repair services, call them toll-free at 1-877-588-8784. And for more information about MeloTel’s Commercial Phone Services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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