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How To Be The Absolute Best Phone Agent In The Business

MeloTel’s VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services have helped to revolutionize the ways in which call centres all throughout North America operate. Of course, it also helps that we offer such services as Monitor/Whisper Control Panel to help call centre managers properly monitor their phone agents and offer feedback that helps to improve performances.

As we pointed out in our last blog, every call centre manager wants his/her team to be the best in the business. But, of course, that requires concerted efforts on the parts of their phone agents. If you’re a phone agent, there are some more techniques that will help you to be one of the best in the business!

Show your pearly whites even when they’re out of sight.

MeloTel’s Founder and CEO, John Meloche is a big proponent for smiling on the phone. He’s been preaching this practice since his days as an office manager for a number of different call centre businesses. Smiling improves tone. It’s just that simple. The best phone agents know that genuine pleasantness is easily detected. So even though your callers can’t see you smiling, smile anyways!

“There’s a reason that smiling is always suggested as a way to improve how you deliver customer service,” says Mary Barkley on, “You can literally hear if someone is smiling or has a blank expression on their face, even if you can’t see them. For a customer, a friendly voice is one thing that tells them that you genuinely care about their problem and want to help them solve it.”

Play the name game.

It’s often been said that there is no sound sweeter to a person’s ears than his/her own name. Live by this principle. By regularly using your caller’s name (first name, if appropriate), you will endear yourself to that person in much the same way you would to a close friend. Using a person’s name connotes familiarity and friendliness. It will especially mean a lot to your customers if you’re able to recognize their voices on future calls.

If you don’t know your caller’s name, simply ask. And as Shauna Geraghty advises on, be sure to get the correct pronunciation. “Ask the customer their name and pronounce it correctly,” she instructs, “This communicates respect for the customer and lets them know that they are important.”

Stress what you can do over what you cannot.

In some cases, you’ll run into callers who ask you for things you simply can’t provide. Don’t get tricked into using what is considered negative language. There is a different way to communicate that your business doesn’t offer a particular product or service. Instead of “I’m sorry, I can’t help you,” try “While I’d love to provide that item for you, what I can do is put you in touch with someone who currently has access to it.”

Such a statement shows that you are, indeed, helpful after all. You always want your callers to end their calls feeling like you helped them to achieve something. “Don’t use words like ‘I can’t…’, ‘Unfortunately…’ or ‘You failed to…’” insists Barkley, “Instead, use phrases like, ‘I’d be more than happy to offer…’ or ‘I have a solution will be able to help you….’”.

How can MeloTel help your phone agents to be the best in the business? Contact us to learn more about our Commercial Phone Services and Monitor/Whisper Control Panel. Call 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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