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Can Sending Texts Really Help To Grow Your Business?

If you’ve been keeping up with the MeloTel Blog (which always keeps you up to date with all of the goings-on, here at MeloTel) then you know the answer to the question posed by today’s blog title is a resounding “yes”! According to, no less than 389 billion texts are sent worldwide each and every month. So, perhaps, the question should be posed this way: Why wouldn’t you send texts to grow your business?

Texting helps to elevate your brand messaging.

Aside from actually calling each and every one of your customers (something you’re not likely to have much time for), what better way to personally reach out than to send a text? Consider how many texts you receive in a day. How often do you completely ignore them? Unlike traditional advertising, texts/SMS messages make direct connections with their recipients. You can easily look way from a TV commercial. Texts aren’t likely to go completely overlooked.

“According to a report commissioned by the mobile phone technology company Singlepoint, the open rate for text messages is above 98%, and 90% of them are opened within three minutes of receiving them,” reports, “For your most time-sensitive promotions, text messaging apps allow you to reach your target market within seconds. No other system can boast these kinds of results.”

Texting helps to grow your customer relationships.

With pretty much everyone using smartphones, these days, it only makes sense to assume that the average person is a regular texter. It’s a form of communication that is so commonplace, it almost begs to be used as a marketing strategy. But, keep in mind that this particular marketing strategy is less about blatant advertising and more about keeping the lines of communication open between you and your customers.

“It’s important to think of business texting/SMS as two-way and conversational, not just as a way to push information,” insists Kenneth Burke on, “These conversations build relationships with your customers, and those relationships are key to growing your business.” He goes on to note that you can start conversations by scheduling appointments, sharing new offer, asking for feedback or even just checking in to see how things are going.

Texting helps to improve customer service.

What do most customers want more than anything else from the companies they do business with? Immediacy! The quicker you’re able to answer a question, address an issue or deliver an order, the happier your customers will be. With texting, you have the ability to immediately respond to any question or concern, thus offering the best type of customer service you can give!

“Whether you send customers a text to let them know their order is ready or to let them know that you’ve scheduled or booked an appointment with them for a certain time, texting can be a great improvement to your customer service processes,” says, “Keeping customers happy will retain loyalty and keep your customers and users coming back time and again.”

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