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3 Signs You Need To Step Your Blogging Game Up

In our last blog, we revisited the increasingly-popular topic of blogging. We also pointed out that, as a busy business owner, blogging may not necessarily be a job you should handle yourself. Combining your busy schedule with your lack of writing experience creates a less-than-stellar blogger who may not be getting the most of out of this all-important section of his/her company website.

Here are three signs you need to step your blogging game up:

1. You don’t post regularly enough.

Consistency is so important in the blogging game. Because your site grows richer in content with every blog that is posted, Google rankings improve with each post. However, if you’re not posting blogs on a regular basis, you’re not going to improve your SEO. These days, internet users aren’t bound to pay much attention to websites that don’t update regularly. A website with its latest blog entry older than a month is not going to gain much favour.

“If you are posting consistently on your blog, you’re already one step ahead of the vast majority of bloggers,” says Steven Snell on, “It sounds pretty easy, but consistent posting is a huge challenge for many. If you’re able to keep posting consistently, good things are likely to happen.”

2. Your blog doesn’t have much of a focus.

What do you blog about? Is your content relevant to your industry? Or is your topic range scattered? Do you offer no relevant insight on topics your target audience cares about?

Your blog requires a focus. While it’s wise to write about a range of topics, they should all be relevant to your industry. Each post should offer a call to action that encourages your readers to either revisit your website in future or (even more importantly) contact you directly for more information about what you have to offer.

“One of the quickest ways to frustrate your readers is to write about everything that’s on your mind,” writes Jonathan Morrow on, “Here’s why: people don’t come to your blog to find out what you think. They come to your blog for solutions to their problems. The moment you stop talking about them is the moment they stop reading.”

3. You’re overly concerned with keywords.

Every blogger has had the word “keywords” thrown at him/her when asked to compose a blog. While words that are relevant to your industry are important to include in each blog post, there’s no reason to sacrifice the article’s quality by simply filling up each line with keywords. Your blog must make sense. It must connect with its readers. It must humanize your brand. If not, it’s not worth much.

“Whenever a newbie starts asking me about SEO before they’ve even written a post, I always know they’re doomed,” informs Morrow, “There is no better way to write horrible, crappy content than to deliberately stuff it with keywords in an attempt to boost your search engine rankings, when what you really need is for people to link to you in the first place.”

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