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Are You Ready To Make The Switch To Cloud-Based Telephony?

Did you know that over 5 million small and medium-sized businesses in North America have already made the switch to cloud-based telephony? You can drastically simplify your telecommunications system and reduce the costs involved with employees who travel or work remotely by switching to MeloTel today!

MeloTel’s VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services give you the ability to revolutionize the way you conduct business over the phone. Gone would be your old landline phones in place of using the internet to connect to the world. Among the many benefits of making the switch to MeloTel is that you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited calling to over 22 countries!

Are you a fan of saving money?

Who isn’t? By switching to MeloTel, we practically guarantee it will decrease your monthly telecom services bill. To prove it to you, we’d be happy to offer you a completely FREE analysis of your current phone bill. By taking a look at it, we’ll be able to explain exactly how much money you will save each and every month when you make the switch to our VoIP-based phone services plan. It’s as simple as sending us a copy of your most recent phone bill.

As mentioned, there is no charge for this review. There is also absolutely no obligation to make the switch. Quite simply, one of our experienced representatives will explain exactly how MeloTel’s phone services will save you a significant amount of money. We are committed to not just providing your business with the phone services it needs, but to helping shore up your company’s bottom line.

How can MeloTel guarantee you savings?

In addition to seeing a reduced phone bill every month, you will be able to get new phone equipment for free! You read that right. Our FREE Polycom Rental program is designed to make your switch to our cloud-hosted phone services both easy and cost-effective. When you make the move to MeloTel, you won’t need to invest hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on new telecom equipment. Instead, we will provide your business with Polycom phones as a Free Phone Rental.

You’ll be able to use these phones for free for as long as you are our customer. As well, there are no professional setup, activation or shipping charges!

How important is sound quality to you?

Another silly question, isn’t it? It goes without saying that you want crystal clear call quality each and every time you’re on the phone. Believe it or not, because our Commercial Phone Services connect you over the cloud, you get to enjoy superior sound quality.

You may be under the assumption that VoIP phones can’t provide you with crystal clear calling. Let us put those worries to rest! VoIP actually provides you with sound that is clearer than analog phone lines. Naturally, this will depend on your internet connection. As long as you have a strong connection to the worldwide web, you will enjoy clear and consistent sound quality on all of your phone calls.

To learn more about the benefits of switching to MeloTel’s Commercial Phone Services, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or email us at

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