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Congratulations To Brad Atkin Of Canadian POS Corporation!

Another month has passed. And another winner has been crowned! We’re very happy to announce that Montreal’s Brad Atkin of Canadian POS Corporation has won February’s $100.00 giveaway! This past Friday, our good friend, Adam Bitton visited MeloTel’s headquarters to help us with our latest draw. He randomly selected ticket number 610511, which represented Brad’s entry into the contest. Minutes later, Brad was sent a $100.00 email money transfer.

It’s that easy to win $100.00 in the month of March. “If you didn’t win, don’t feel too bad, we are running this contest every month in 2015!” wrote MeloTel’s President, John Meloche on the MeloTel Facebook page. As you can tell, we’re pretty excited about this initiative as it has gotten many of our clients to participate and give us their feedback about how we’re doing. It’s important to us to be able provide our customers with top-of-the-line experiences all the time.

As much as we’ve enjoyed receiving such excellent feedback over the past couple of months, it’s even more valuable to us when we receive comments about how we can improve upon our customer service practices. The only way to get better at what we do is to learn from our mistakes. So we welcome all of the constructive criticism that may come our way. Please don’t feel that pointing out spots where we can improve will hurt your chances of winning $100.00.

All comments are appreciated when filling out our Customer Satisfaction Survey. And the more honest your comments are, the better. We look forward to reading your comments this month. Of course, now that March is here, you have a brand new chance to fill out our survey and enter into this month’s draw for $100.00. The feedback we received from Brad, in fact, was very valuable. But it came as no surprise considering that he’s somewhat of a customer service expert himself.

Canadian POS Corporation is one of our longest-standing clients. They provide Canadian business owners with top-of-the-line POS terminals that allow them to readily accept credit cards and debit cards as methods of payment from their customers. They also provide such options as gift cards and wireless terminals. So, it goes without saying that Brad’s company has to have a great handle on how to service their own clients.

And they do a fantastic job! Top-notch customer service is a huge part of the Canadian POS Corporation brand. Just like MeloTel, this great company recognizes that it isn’t generally regarded as one of the “big named” entities in its marketplace. As a result, the company utilizes its ability to generate closer bonds with its clients in order to grow its reputation as a “people’s company”. You might say that MeloTel and Canadian POS Corporation have a lot in common.

If you’re a Canadian business owner who has yet to begin accepting credit cards and debit cards as methods of payment, or you wish to upgrade from your current provider, you may want to contact Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884. They are known, not just for their top-quality POS machines and excellent customer service, but they also offer the most affordable rates in their industry! We’re very proud to have Canadian POS Corporation as a client.

With that, we’d like to thank everyone who filled out our Customer Satisfaction Survey in the month of February and congratulate Brad Atkin, once again, on winning the $100.00! You could be our next winner. The survey only takes a couple of minutes to complete. And while it will get you one step closer to winning some cash, your honest feedback will get MeloTel another step closer to providing the best customer service found anywhere. So thank you for your help!