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5 Reasons To Focus On Customer Satisfaction

This coming Monday will mark the last day of August and the last official day that you can enter into this month’s draw for our $100.00 cash giveaway! Oh, you didn’t know? Since the beginning of 2015, MeloTel has been offering its clients the opportunity to win $100.00 each month. In order to be eligible to win the cash prize, all that is required is that you fill out our Customer Satisfaction Survey.

It only takes a couple of minutes to complete. And once you do, your ticket number will automatically be entered into our monthly draw. We’re happy to report that our Customer Satisfaction Survey has made numerous MeloTel clients $100.00 richer! But, we’re even happier to announce that our customer service practices have greatly improved thanks to the amazing feedback that we’ve received.

Of course, we’re very glad to get all of the positive feedback that has come our way. For the most part, our surveys have shown that our technical support staff is doing a great job. However, we’re also appreciative of the constructive criticism that has compelled us to improve in certain areas. If you have recently received technical support from a member of our staff, please feel free to fill out the Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Here are five reasons to focus on customer satisfaction:

1. It helps to gain loyalty. Satisfied customers are generally loyal customers. When people know that they can depend on excellent service from a brand, they are a lot more likely to continue to support it. MeloTel is thrilled to say that many of our clients have been with us for many years and aren’t shy to report that their loyalty is based on the reliable service and pleasant interactions they continue to have with our team.

2. It inspires referrals. There’s no better type of promotion than word-of-mouth promotion. We’re sure that this isn’t the first time we’ve said so on our blog. When customers are truly happy with the service they receive, they are quick to tell others about it. Especially with social media being so popular these days, word travels fast. Keeping customers satisfied gives your brand a lot more chances of being introduced to new people.

3. It helps you to outdo your competition. What if you offer the exact same products and services as your competitors? What is it that will set you apart from your competition? Nothing beats excellent customer service. Especially when you develop friendly relationships with your customers that involve calling them by their names and following up after you’ve provided your service, you will ensure that people aren’t leaving you for your industry counterparts.

4. It saves you advertising dollars. It is very often said that it is both harder and more expensive to advertise to new clients than it is to retain your current ones. As a result, excellent customer service should be used as your #1 mode of advertising. When your satisfied customers keep coming back, it lessens the need to spend money on elaborate marketing campaigns. As mentioned, the good word will spread naturally, sparing your advertising budget.

5. It helps to avoid bad press. Another common idiom is that “all publicity is good publicity”. But, let’s be honest. That’s not entirely true. The last thing you want is for people to go around trashing your company for its poor customer service. You see disparaging posts on Facebook and Twitter all the time. But you don’t want to see them about your company, do you? Of course not. Top-notch service keeps the haters away.

For a taste of our brand our customer service, call 1-888-MELOTEL!

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