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Congratulations To November’s $100 Winner!

Today has been quite the day, here at MeloTel. We embarked on a pretty exciting first! As we reported on the MeloTel Blog last week, we scheduled our monthly Customer Satisfaction Survey $100 draw for today at 2pm EST and streamed it live, as it happened, via LiveStream. As you’re likely aware, MeloTel has been offering its customers the opportunity to win $100 each and every month simply by taking a few minutes to fill out our online survey.

As explained by our company president John Meloche, during today’s live stream, the monthly draw is “for customers who have taken the time to fill out a Customer Satisfaction Survey. And, when they do that, they are entered into a draw to win a hundred bucks every month…We send you an email money transfer with a hundred bucks.” John was also sure to point out MeloTel’s wish to receive honest feedback, by noting that constructive criticism does NOT eliminate someone from a chance to win the money.

“It’s irrelevant if whether or not that interaction was positive or negative or what your review was, you’re always entered,” he clarified, “but most of our reviews are quite positive.” John invited his colleague, Yaakov to select the winning ticket number. Although MeloTel customers were invited to watch the draw take place live, as it happened through LiveStream, you can watch the video of today’s live draw below. Ticket number 813914 was selected by Yaakov and presented to the camera as the winner.

Congratulations go out to Heidi Kaufmann from TK Enterprises Inc. who was represented by the winning ticket number. Utilizing the many benefits of MeloTel’s VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services, TK Enterprises Inc. are specialists in cold calling and appointment setting. They provide companies with a professional and highly successful way to generate leads, close sales and increase business.

On behalf of everyone at MeloTel, we would like to thank Heidi for taking the time to fill out our Customer Satisfaction Survey and we certainly hope that she enjoys the extra dough we sent her through email money transfer today. Most importantly, we sincerely appreciate her business and the honest feedback she provided through the survey. And that goes for everyone who took the time to fill out our survey this month!

We also hope that everyone who tuned in enjoyed the first-ever live edition of the $100 Customer Satisfaction Survey draw. As John mentioned after the winning ticket was selected, “we thought this would be a fun addition to our regular monthly draw and maybe we’ll do it again next month, but that will be after Christmas.” That wasn’t John’s only announcement though!

“Everybody who submitted a ticket, or review this month will be sent their own copy of 2013’s Uncle John’s Holiday Hits at no cost. It was not produced by me, but it was performed by me and it will probably embarrass the hell out of me, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!” As we mentioned in our blog last week, John’s collection of holiday tunes was recorded in 2012 and 2013 and was originally available as two separate projects.

If you haven’t filled out a Customer Satisfaction Survey and would like a copy of the CD which contains all of the tracks, it’s as simple as contacting John at 1-888-MELOTEL to place your order. You can give the project a preview on the Uncle John’s Holiday Hits Bandcamp page if you wish. And don’t forget to fill out the Customer Satisfaction Survey if you have any interaction with MeloTel’s technical support staff in the month of December.

You could be next month’s $100 winner!

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