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5 Ways To Be An All-Star Player In Your Industry

Over this past weekend, the City of Toronto – where MeloTel is headquartered – played host to the NBA All-Star Game. In fact, the entire three-day weekend was filled with countless events that brought stars from all walks of life to our great city. From the amazing slam dunk contest to the all-star game itself, the event was truly a memorable happening that Torontonians will not soon forget.

It did, however, get us thinking about our own status in the telecom world. Is MeloTel an all-star player? We’d certainly like to believe that we are! After all, we offer Commercial Phone Services and many other incredible services that are second to none in our industry. However, at the end of the day, we know that unbeatable customer service is the true maker of an all-star company. Where do you think your brand ranks in your customers’ minds?

Here are five ways to be an all-star player in your industry:

1. Communicate effectively. There are some things that all customers truly hate. They include waiting too long for service, not having their questions answered correctly and getting the wrong orders. These are all things that can be corrected through effective communication. Answering phone calls promptly, quickly returning messages, actively listening to concerns and needs and providing requested services are all part of showing that you can effectively communicate.

2. Be responsible. Even the greatest of all-star players have bad games. In other words, everyone is capable of making a mistake. That includes you. Being an all-star will all depend on how you correct your mistakes. It’s important for you to always take responsibility and find ways to remedy situations to the delight of your customers. Never feel that you’re above an apology. And don’t be afraid to go over and above the call of duty to show a customer you care about his/her business.

3. Display a winning personality. In many cases, MeloTel clients become more like friends than they do customers. Our team is known for speaking quite comfortably with their clients in very friendly ways. Being polite and kind should be a part of everyone’s customer service practices. However, when you are truly a delight to work with, word will spread. Not only will you get repeat business, but you’ll garner a number of referrals as well.

4. Be dependable. It’s important that customers know they can count on you. If they feel like you can’t be trusted, you will lose their business. It’s as simple as that. Be sure to be a man or woman of your word and always make good on your promises. Customer satisfaction depends heavily on a company’s ability to follow through on what it claims to provide. That includes offering high quality products and services within the time frames set out for delivery.

5. Diversify your catalogue of products and services. What really makes MeloTel an all-star player is that we’re not a “one trick pony”. We’re widely known for our incredible VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services, but we also provide a number of other business-boosting services including our Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire, Website Maintenance Services and Domain, Email & Web Hosting.

For more information on these and any other services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the “Live Chat Support” feature on our website. If we haven’t yet, we look forward to making your all-star roster!

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