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5 Signs You Provide Excellent Customer Service

In many cases, the customer service practices of a company can make or break its image. When people are not satisfied with the ways they’ve been treated, they rarely ever return to the companies that mistreated them. Often, it doesn’t matter how great the products and services are – if a company doesn’t treat its customers right, it will lose those customers. Is customer service a top priority at your business?

Here are five signs you provide excellent customer service:

1. You have several ways that customers can get in touch with you. Different people have different schedules. So only having your phone lines open during business hours – when many of your customers are likely working themselves – won’t always please those who need your assistance. Consider extending your customer service hours or be sure to provide multiple ways that customers can contact you. Email, social media and a live chat option are all excellent ways to keep the lines of communication open between your business and its client base.

2. You get a lot of referrals from your customers. One surefire way to tell that your company is doing an excellent job of pleasing its customers is that it keeps getting new ones based on recommendations. There is no better type of promotion than word-of-mouth promotion. And there’s no better way to elicit word-of-mouth promotion that to provide excellent customer experiences. If people are recommending you, you know you’re doing something right.

3. You regularly thank your customers. People like to feel appreciated. And your customers are definitely people that you should be appreciating. Without them, your business would not survive. Companies that go out of their way to show their appreciation are the types that receive long-lasting loyal support. Being thanked is a part of receiving excellent customer service. Never forget the “human element” to all of your business dealings.

4. You own up to your mistakes. Nobody’s perfect. What may sound like an age-old cliché is the undeniable truth. And this is certainly the case in the business world. There are likely to be times when you unintentionally can’t follow through on your commitments. There will be other times when you process orders incorrectly. Mistakes happen. But, when you own up to them and offer the appropriate compensation, your customers will greatly respect you for it.

5. Your products and services reflect the needs of your customers. A huge part of customer service is accepting feedback. It’s one thing to be a good listener – which is always important. But it’s a much bigger deal to showcase your ability to listen by updating the products and services you offer to reflect the feedback that you’ve been given. Many of MeloTel’s features have been born out of conversations with customers about their biggest needs.

Single Number Reach, for example, was launched following many chats with business owners who tend to miss important phone calls. At MeloTel, we strive to provide the absolute best customer service in the telecom industry. For an example of what we’re talking about, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Ask us about our amazing VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services or any of the many other services we have to offer.

As you likely know, there is more than one way to find us. Your best bet is to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the “Live Chat Support” feature on our website!

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