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5 Techniques For Leaving Professional Voicemails

Welcome to the future! At MeloTel, we proudly offer Canadian business owners the absolute best in  VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services. Our feature-rich service allows for communication abilities previously unheard of. VoIP has often been referred to as the “way of the future” in the world of telecommunications. However, we’ve long thought that VoIP is simply the way of today. Traditional landlines, the way we see it, are a thing of the past.

Interestingly, today – October 21, 2015 – was prophesied in the film, Back To The Future Part II. And although many aspects of the “future” depicted in the film haven’t come true, a few have! Video conferencing, for example, is one of the predicted outcomes of this day and time. And at MeloTel, we are thrilled to know that because of such “futuristic” phone services, we are helping businesses all across Canada to experience success that they couldn’t in the past.

It’s important, however, for business owners and their employees who work on the phone to utilize specific techniques for how to use the phone. You may be thinking that using a phone is an incredibly easy task. But there are ways to certain ways to speak to others that will better endear them to your brand. For example, do you have a particular technique as it relates to leaving voicemails? If not, there are a few important ones you may want to use.

Here are five:

1. Leave your name at the end. If you knew what happened at the end of a movie, how inclined would you be to watch it? Probably a bit less than you would if you had no idea what was coming. It’s sort of the same thing here. Many times, voicemails get skipped because most of them begin the same way. Start your messages by addressing the person and providing the reason for your call. Leave your name at the end and see if it pays off in the number of responses you get.

2. Keep them brief. You’re a busy person. Chances are the people you leave voicemails for are also busy people. It isn’t likely that they have time to listen to life stories when checking their messages. Do your best to keep your voicemails to no longer than 30 seconds. You may even want to rehearse what you’re planning to say before you make the phone call. The “less is more” theory works here. Give your recipient a reason to want to hear more of what you have to say.

3. Don’t attempt to sell through your message. Leave your pitch to your live conversation. Again, your voicemail should be left with the intent of receiving a return call. Intriguing your message’s recipient to call you back is the end goal. If you try to pitch a sale during the message, you don’t allow yourself the ability to respond to any objections. Do yourself the favour of saving the pitch for later.

4. Keep it positive. You are the bearer of good news. This is the impression that you must leave with every voicemail. In other words, refrain from making comments about any concerns or issues you have with the message’s recipient. For example, if it’s the third or fourth attempt at contacting the person, don’t mention it. Saying, “I’ve been having difficulty reaching you” only serves to create a sense of tension.

5. Stand out. At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that the voicemail you leave is bound to be just one of dozens left within that day. What makes your message different than all of the rest? Find your own unique way to leave memorable voicemails. Perhaps, using some professional humour and displaying your enthusiasm towards working with the individual you are calling are ways for you to stand out from the pack.

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