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5 Reasons To Take Advantage Of Conference Calling

This past Wednesday, we pointed out that VoIP technology has pretty much shot the telecom industry into the future. At least, this is what the 1989 film, Back To The Future Part II predicted. With the main character, Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox) arriving in the “future” on October 21, 2015 (interestingly, now the past), we discover that a number of technological innovations have become commonplace. Among them are the flat-screen, wall mounted TVs that allow for teleconferencing.

We can’t help but smile about this prediction. With VoIP technology now widely used, it’s one of the very interesting predictions that the film got right. Unfortunately for the Chicago Cubs, they did not fulfil the movie’s prophecy of them winning the 2015 World Series via a sweep. Instead, they were swept out of the postseason by the New York Mets on Wednesday. But back to conference calling – has your company taken advantage of it yet?

Here are five reasons it should:

1. It allows you to conduct business across the world. Conference calling connects numerous individuals from a variety of different geographical locations all in one conversation. VoIP technology allows for businesses to reap the benefits that come with conducting business across the world on the phone. Thanks to the introduction of VoIP in our modern world, conference calls are now huge ways to expand companies throughout the globe.

2. It saves you money. This is always a great benefit, isn’t it? As we’ve pointed out many times before, VoIP technology allows business owners to save money on long distance calls. It is far cheaper than using a landline to make international calls. Not only does conference calling ensure that your phone bills won’t go through the roof, but it helps you to save money on booking travel arrangements to conduct meetings with clients in far off places.

3. It is easier to use than you may think. In the past, setting up a conference call was considered a complicated process. As you can imagine, it can be difficult getting a number of people on one call all at one time with a regular landline. VoIP allows conference calling to be a much simpler process. Making the connections takes a matter of seconds, allowing you to maximize your time in getting down to business.

4. You can conduct face to face meetings without being face to face. There’s just something different about being able to read a person’s body language and facial expressions. When you use the internet to conduct your conference calls, you’re given the opportunity to see the people you’re talking to. This can help for your meetings to be a lot more meaningful and productive. Putting a face to a name always helps.

5. It provides enhanced security. VoIP technology allows you to set up passwords to ensure that the only people involved in your conference calls are the ones who are specifically selected to take part in them. Security settings provide business owners and their counterparts the peace of mind in knowing that their conversations are private. Eliminating the risk of being hacked, modern-day conference calling is a go-to business-conducting decision.

The incredible Commercial Phone Services provided by MeloTel offer Conference Calling as a fantastic option. If you’ve yet to give VoIP technology a try, we strongly recommend you take this exciting step into the “future”. After all, according to Back To The Future Part II, the future is here! For more information, give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the “Live Chat Support” feature on our website!

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