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5 Business Phone Mistakes To Avoid

Running a small business is a hard job. But that’s all the more reason to approach it with as diligent a mindset as possible. Unlike big-named corporations, you have a tougher task ahead of you by way of making your brand appear as professional as possible. Remember that, quite often, perception is everything. You may be excellent at what you do, but are you able to prove that to your clients?

In many instances, you do business over the phone. And the way that you conduct this business can often mean the difference between securing a new client and losing one forever. Adhering to specific business phone techniques can do a lot to uplift the image of your brand. By contrast, making particular business phone mistakes can cause irreparable harm to your company’s image. So it’s imperative that you avoid these mistakes!

Here are five business phone mistakes to avoid:

1. Using your personal number to conduct business. Everyone has a phone number they use for personal reasons. Your personal phone number should not be the one you give out to your business contacts. Instead, be sure to establish a business phone number that is used specifically to conduct business for your company. That way, you can also ensure that its voicemail greeting is professional and not of the run-of-the-mill “leave a message and I’ll call you back” variety.

2. Leaving a generic voicemail greeting. Speaking of voicemail, it’s important to use a business phone number so that your greeting can specifically address the needs of your clients. For example, it can provide information about your business hours and website. When you leave a voicemail greeting that sounds like your callers are people who are just your friends, it will not give callers the idea that you are as professional as you profess to be.

3. Having no voicemail at all. Can you believe that this still exists? It’s not as uncommon as you may think to call up a business only to have the phone ring endlessly without anyone answering it. If you haven’t invested in a voicemail solution, you’re certainly not doing your business any favours. In fact, it is likely that your caller will assume that your business no longer exists if it doesn’t even have an answering service with a professional voicemail greeting.

4. Answering the phone with a generic greeting. Of course, your voicemail greeting won’t even be an issue if you’re not answering the phone professionally. A simple “hello” is not going to cut it in the business world. It’s important that you answer the phone, knowing that a business is being called. “Hello, you’ve reached MeloTel, this is John, how can I help you today?” would be a good example of a professional greeting.

5. Not taking advantage of VoIP technology. Telephone services have come a long way. If you’re still using old school technology, you’re missing out on a long list of benefits that can greatly contribute to the success of your business. Voice over IP takes advantage of the internet to put you in touch with colleagues and clients all over the world in ways that were never before considered!

At MeloTel, we provide VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services to businesses all over Canada. We proudly specialize in helping companies transition from their traditional telephone systems to our robust and feature-filled cloud-based solution. Not to mention, we offer those who sign up a free Polycom Phone program! For more information, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL!

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