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5 More Benefits VoIP Will Give Your Business In 2015

In our last blog, we revisited the ever-popular topic of VoIP technology and discussed how adopting it at your business can help you to have your best new year ever! For small business owners, VoIP helps for their businesses to both operate and present themselves as “big corporations”. At least, this is what our clients tell us. The many features that come along with VoIP telephone systems allow your business to “step it up”.

“It really helps for things to run a lot more efficiently,” commented one of our clients this week, “It not only makes us seem more professional, but it helps us to function a lot more professionally too. Instead of missing calls, our calls are now directed to the right extension. Either that, or I’m getting my messages in my email, so I don’t have to worry about any getting lost in the cracks.”

What ways are you looking to both increase your productivity and customer satisfaction rates in the new year? In case you’re not already convinced that VoIP telephone technology can help you to pull off both, today’s blog is for you! By giving VoIP a try in 2015, we’re sure that you’ll experience a myriad of incredible benefits for your business. Here are five more VoIP benefits for you to consider.

1. You’ll present yourself as more professional. As mentioned, VoIP technology helps for your small business to function like a big corporation. When you’re unable to answer calls because they are coming in after hours, your Automated Attendant Receptionist allows for your callers to listen to auto-attendant voice menus that provide various options and actions. It’s like having a secretary who works around the clock!

2. You can better screen your calls. Part of managing your day-to-day operations properly is being able to prioritize. With your VoIP telephone system, your Call Routing feature will allow you to filter your incoming calls based on your Caller ID. As well, you’ll know the statuses of the users and the times of each call while being able to perform a set of predefined actions, such as hanging up and transferring callers to certain destinations on or off network.

3. You can customize your hold times to suit your brand. With VoIP, your business will not give off that “run of the mill” vibe. The Music On Hold option enables you to specifically set up your hold music or messages that can convey your brand’s message. You can even allow callers on hold to hear your company’s theme song or pre-recorded messages that advertise your most recent specials!

4. You can better inform your clients. Customers don’t like to be left in the dark. If they call you after hours, it’s best that they know when a better time would be to contact you or, better yet, that someone else can help them at that time. Your Out of Office Options feature lets callers know your hours of operation but, more importantly, automatically direct them to an after-hours line or to a voicemail system.

5. You can set up conference calls. In 2015, your business meetings will be able to take on a whole new life. That is, they won’t always have to be done in person! With Mobile and Conferencing, you’ll be able to schedule and have multiple conferences. The conference centre feature supports both one-time and recurring conferences. Even when you’re out of the office, you can still create or join existing conferences.

Let’s make 2015 your best business year yet. To learn more about MeloTel’s VoIP Telephone Features, call 1-888-MELOTEL today!