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5 Awesome Benefits Of Voice Mail To Email

There are many benefits to adopting VoIP technology for your business telephone system. Readers of the MeloTel Blog have been introduced to many of them. And today’s blog continues our tradition of informing our readers about just how great VoIP is. You see, there once was a time when people had to leave messages on an answering machine, complete with audio cassette tape. Tapes needed to be rewound in order to hear the messages in succession.

New tapes would be required when old ones would get filled with messages or could no longer be recorded over due to decreasing sound quality. Well, those days are clearly behind us. Answering machines have been replaced with voice mail inboxes that don’t require any tape at all. But in today’s tech-savvy VoIP-loving world, things have been taken to an entirely new level. Introducing Voice Mail to Email!

This feature, which you may have already heard about, is exactly what it sounds like. If you’re unavailable to take a call, the voice mail feature that comes with MeloTel’s Commercial Telephone services can record the caller’s message and then create a WAV file out of it to be sent directly to your email inbox. It’s awesome! But in case you’re not convinced, here are five benefits of the Voice Mail to Email Feature.

1. Your messages are accessible on any device. With Voice Mail to Email, you don’t even need your phone to check your messages. And clearly, you don’t need to rewind any cassette tapes. Instead, on any device you wish – laptop, desktop computer, tablet, smartphone etc. – you can check your voice mails just as easy as you would check your emails. With this feature, you guarantee yourself a quick and easy way to respond to all of your important phone calls.

2. Messages can easily be saved in folders. Having saved audio files that contain phone messages makes it easy to create an online filing system. Your team members can create folders for each of their clients to make saving messages and keeping adequate records of their interactions a breeze. By saving messages on a computer, you ensure regular and easy access to precise information about your client’s concerns.

3. WAV files make playback easy. As you can imagine, playing back on audio file on your computer is a lot quicker and easier than pressing play, stop, rewind and play again on a cassette player. Listening back to specific parts of a message that may be unclear is done with simple clicks of a mouse. It really brings the whole message retrieval process up to date with modern times. This is a great step towards better customer satisfaction.

4. It helps you to respond quicker. Not being able to get to a phone is no longer an excuse for not getting an important message. When you get messages as part of email attachments, you ensure that you have regular access to them. Your inbox also serves as a constant reminder to check your messages. Voice Mail to Email helps you to stay on top of your communication game. This will make your customers very happy.

5. It helps you to manage your call backs. Whenever you check a voice mail in your email, it is the same as checking a written email message. This means that your inbox will reflect which messages you have checked, and which ones you have not. Again, this will help you to manage your calls, informing you of how many messages have gone unchecked. Keep your account clear and save space by marking all of the messages that you have listened to.

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