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416 Vanity Numbers Can Work Wonders!

Hey Toronto! Earlier this month, we blogged about the fact that a ton of very sought-after 416 phone numbers is now available through MeloTel. And in that blog, entitled “Your Business Needs A 416 Number Now!”, we revealed that many 416 numbers have been sold for upwards of $2000 by some uncompromising “providers”. With that said, we’d like to reiterate our offer to business owners looking to firmly establish their brands within their respective marketplaces.

We will GIVE you a 416 phone number in return for a one-year commitment with MeloTel. But, we are also happy to entertain ideas that you may have about securing your business a 416 number in exchange for other business opportunities for our company. To repeat a comment from that blog, “we guarantee that there is no better deal in the city for a 416 phone number!” But you know what’s better than a new 416 number for your business?

A 416 vanity number! Needless to say, MeloTel conducts business with a vanity number of its own. You may call 1-888-MELOTEL at any time to receive our brand of top-notch customer service. With this vanity number, we know that it is incredibly easy for our clients to remember how to call us. And MeloTel has a HUGE list of vanity numbers available for businesses of all types! Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting ones we have to offer.

416-208-JUNK. Do you own a junk removal company in Toronto? If so, this is the perfect 416 vanity number for your business! Not only do you secure the highly-respected area code that so many other Toronto-based entrepreneurs covet, but you land yourself a phone number that is super easy to remember. Clearly, it also tells your would-be customers what your company is all about. Picture advertising your brand with this awesome number!

Other junk removal related vanity numbers that we have available include:

416-COP-HURT. Are you a lawyer or personal injury attorney who specializes in securing settlements for those who have been injured? Perhaps, you are involved in law enforcement or are even a former police officer who provides services to those looking for legal advice. If so, this 416 vanity number may be just for you. Some of the best numbers are the ones that can be spelled out using in full using words. This is a great example.

Other attorney or law enforcement related vanity numbers that we have available include:

416-237-JUDO. Do you own a judo studio or dojo of some kind and would like to advertise it in a way that is bound to get you some positive responses? This number provides you with the 416 area code that makes Toronto-based businesses appear that much more reputable, plus makes it unmistakable what kind of service you provide. Perhaps, it’s time to get chopping and secure yourself a number that will work to gain you more business!

Other self-defence related vanity numbers that we have available include:

416-BAD-SPIN. Are you a disc jockey or someone who provides services involving music in the entertainment industry? This amazingly cool vanity number tells your customers that you’re not only among the hippest business owners in Toronto, but that you can be easily recalled whenever a someone is thinking of throwing a party. If you play at weddings or any other type special event, it’s time to let people who the best (or “baddest”) DJ in town is!

Other music and entertainment related vanity numbers that we have available include:

It is important to note that vanity numbers provided by MeloTel are NOT available as normal 416 numbers. Thanks to the added value that they bring your brand, they are considered premium numbers. We’d be more than happy to discuss with you the type of business agreement you’d like to establish with MeloTel in order to work out ways in which we can provide vanity numbers to you to help your business. If you see any that you like, please give us a call!

You know the number, 1-888-MELOTEL! Be sure to check out our next blog as we have a WHOLE lot more vanity numbers to provide the great business owners of Toronto! However, here is a list of several more 416 vanity numbers that may interest you: