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4 Ways To Develop A Friendly Phone Voice

The telephone is still arguably the most commonly used device to conduct business. Sure, we’re all on the internet. We all likely send a bunch of emails to colleagues and clients on a daily basis. And, yes, of course, there are social media platforms galore that allow us to communicate with friends and followers all around the clock. But the good old telephone is still the best way to speak to someone short of seeing that person in person.

However, when we use the telephone, it’s incredibly important to be mindful of the communication barriers that the device presents. Body language, for example, goes out the window. Facial expressions are non-existent. So with the absence of these very effective ways to connote satisfaction, excitement, interest and any other important emotion that helps to shine a favourable light on your business, there are other aspects that deserve greater attention.

The tone, inflection and even volume of your voice can speak volumes (pun intended) to your clients when you’re speaking to them over the phone. It’s doubly important to exhibit your charming personality when you can’t be seen. And while the words you choose will always be important, the ways in which you communicate those words will make all the difference in the world when it comes to impressing your customers.

So how can you ensure that you are using a friendly tone of voice on each and every one of your calls? This can be especially difficult nearing the end of your work day when you’ve already gone through an entire day of phone calls among other gruelling work. Here are four tips to maintaining an approachable, kind and endearing voice when speaking to your clients and colleagues over the phone during your business day.

1. Record yourself. How else will you be able to determine what you sound like over the phone if you can’t hear it for yourself? Many people are actually surprised to hear what their voices sound like when they first hear a recording of themselves. Record your phone calls, listen back to them and ask yourself if you honestly like the way that you sound. Put yourself in the position of the other person on the line with you. This will be a great exercise in making improvements.

2. View yourself. Try taking some of your phone calls in front of a mirror. No, your callers won’t be able to see you. But, of course, you will. What do you see? Do you look happy? Is there a presence of positive energy in your overall demeanour? Are you smiling? Believe it or not, a smile can be “heard” through the phone. Try to get used to looking as energetic and upbeat as you wish to sound when you are representing your business on the phone.

3. Identify your bad habits. Often, people who think that they are presenting themselves perfectly over the phone overlook common traits that others may find annoying. Do you accidentally use slang terms during your calls? Are you prone to saying “um” or “uh”? Do you speak too quickly or too slowly? Are you attempting to multi-task during your calls so that you sound distracted at times? Become aware of these bad habits and work to correct them.

4. Try different methods. Sometimes, good old trial and error is the best way to determine the adequate phone practices that should be used for your business. Attempt different methods by which you handle calls. Perhaps, you can add different types of emphasis to certain words. You want to do the best you can to show that you possess expertise in your field, but never come off sounding full of yourself. There are different ways to communicate the same message.

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