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4 Benefits Of Having A Toll-Free Vanity Number

You own a small business. But it certainly doesn’t have to appear that way to the public. Many small business owners make use of their professional acumen in order to present their brands as top-tier representatives of their industries. It’s all about making good impressions! In many cases, it starts with a fantastic website. Consider the fact that most people will have researched your industry online long before they decided to give you a call.

If your website is as sleek and professional as it should be, the likelihood of you receiving more calls from potential customers is sure to increase. Thankfully, MeloTel provides its clients with very affordable Website Maintenance Services to help them continually make excellent impressions on the web. There are, of course, other aspects of your business that can give off great impressions.

And, in some cases, the smallest things can make the biggest differences. Have you ever considered getting a toll-free number? Better yet, what about getting a toll-free vanity number? As you’re likely aware, we have one! Getting in touch with a member of our staff is as easy as calling 1-888-MELOTEL. In addition to being super easy to remember, there are a number of benefits that come with having a toll-free vanity number.

Here are four:

1. It makes your brand look “big time”. When you have a toll-free vanity number, it provides your business with an entirely new way to advertise itself. By advertising the fact that you have a toll-free vanity number, you give off the impression of being a major player in your industry. Look no further than 1-800-FLOWERS as an example of a company that is actually named after the very number that customers use to call them!

2. It improves customer service. People like to have their lives made easy. As mentioned, your toll-free vanity number is easy to remember. That makes you a front runner when it comes to making a selection about which company in your industry to call when one is needed. It’s difficult to memorize numbers these days. Especially because we tend to store phone numbers in our phones, it’s advantageous to have a number that everyone can commit to memory.

3. It expands your customer base. Toll-free numbers are just that – phone numbers that allow your customers to call you without having to pay an extra fee. By eliminating long distance charges for out-of-towners, you open your business up to a much larger client base. This is especially helpful if you provide a service that doesn’t even require you to meet your customers in person.

4. It is easy to afford. Having a toll-free vanity number is more affordable than you may think! As part of MeloTel’s Commercial Phone Services, toll-free numbers are offered as additional features. At MeloTel, we pride ourselves on saving our customers money. And this particular service allows us to do just that. Meanwhile, it offers our clients the ability to grow their brands into more widely-popular businesses.

For more information about getting a toll-free vanity number for your business, give us a call at our own toll-free vanity number, 1-888-MELOTEL! You can also contact us using the “Live Sales Chat” feature on our website. Simply scroll up the top right corner and click on the “Click 2 Chat” button during regular business hours and you’ll be speaking with a representative within seconds!

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