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3 Ways To Make Your Company Website More Festive

Time really flies, doesn’t it? We’re less than five weeks away from Christmas and holiday shopping fever is being felt all over North America – well, the world, for that matter! As a result, your retail business should be making efforts to attract as many shoppers as possible. This is especially true if you process sales through an online store.

At this time of year, your company website should scream “Do your holiday shopping here!” To do that, it’s important to complete some updates to your website. Making it more festive will help to encourage holiday shoppers to not just visit, but make purchases.

Here are three ways to make your company website more festive:

1. Update it with holiday imagery.

This one is a no-brainer. Adding snow, reindeer, Santa hats or any other symbol of the season to the design of your website will immediately alert all visitors to the fact your company is on top of things. The presentation of “fresh” images always helps to connote that your business is hard at work and has a lot to offer. In addition to holiday imagery, be sure to have eye-catching calls to the various products you have available as gift ideas.

“Change up your website graphics more frequently to correspond with any special offers you might be promoting on email, social media and in-store,” advises Dayne Shuda on, “Get your plan ready now to make changes more often to your homepage, category pages and product pages. Your checkout is another great place to promote special offers. Don’t overlook any opportunity to make shopping easier for your customers.”

2. Make it interactive.

When people visit your site, are they only there to look around or can they engage in something fun and entertaining? Adding videos to your site is wise. Be sure to advertise your most popular items as great holiday gift ideas. But, perhaps videos of your own aren’t enough. Why not encourage your visitors to submit videos of their own and make a contest out of it? Contests are widely known to generate interest in the brands that host them.

“JibJab allows visitors to personalize hilarious videos and send them to friends and family,” explains Megan Hendrickson on, “Each year, the site offers a series of customizable holiday cards that are bound to make their customers laugh, share, and repeat.”

3. Create holiday gift bundles.

For many online shoppers, “festive” can be defined as “makes my life easy”. You can do just that by bundling some of your products and offering them as discounted packages. For many a bargain hunter, it will make a visit to your site one to remember.

“No matter what products or services you offer, you can group them together during the holiday season and offer a holiday combo on your website,” suggests Hendrickson, “This time of year, people like to see holiday promotions. Even if you are selling the same old thing, dress up the way you promote to match the season.”

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