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The Importance Of A Strong Homepage Design

When someone logs on to a website, what is the first thing he/she sees? The homepage, of course! So, naturally, the strength of a website’s homepage is vital to the first impression the site makes. Your company website clearly means a lot to your business. And that has never been truer than it is right now. The COVID-19 crisis has forced many a business to operate strictly online for months. Is your homepage making a good impression?

As you know from yesterday’s blog, MeloTel has launched a completely redesigned website. And, as you can see, we put a lot of work into creating an alluring homepage. In our last blog, we highlighted the fact that an aerial view of Toronto was used as a background. It was important, we noted, to represent our hometown in the design. But, obviously, the new homepage does so much more than that!

Find the service of your choice with the click of a button!

Our last blog stressed the importance of having clearly displayed tabs at the top of a homepage. And while we’ve done that, we also wanted to make sure that locating information about our cloud-hosted services was made even easier than just having them listed in the “Services” dropdown box.

On our new homepage, you’ll now notice a sliding bar that enables you to choose between the many services we offer. Among the sliding icons are ones that represent Single Number Reach, Website Maintenance Services, Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire and the newly-renamed DaFeeder Telemarketing. Scroll over any of these icons and you’ll be able to click on a “Learn More” button that will take you directly to the page that describes the service.

Learn all about MeloTel!

Just underneath those sliding service icons is a little section entitled “All About MeloTel”. We thought it important to clearly display our company’s mission statement along with a blurb on what our brand is all about.

“MeloTel provides VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) as a hosted solution,” reads our new homepage, “If your priority is to work with an experienced company that excels in professionalism, offers incomparable service, appreciates speed, accuracy and cost-effectiveness, we are the right choice. We stand apart from other service providers in a number of ways.”

Find out why you should choose MeloTel!

A simple introduction wasn’t enough for us. We wanted to utilize our homepage to inform our website’s visitors of what separates our brand from others in the telecom industry. Scrolling further down, you’ll see a “Why Choose MeloTel” section. It provides you with some insight on why you may wish to seriously consider switching telecom providers.

“Our hosted phone solution includes the phones you need as part of your service subscription for as long as you are a customer,” the blurb reads, “MeloTel has no hidden setup charges, just predictable monthly costs with no surprises.”

We’ve helped many people since 2009!

These words appear in the section below “Why Choose MeloTel”. We decided we wanted to do more to highlight our clients than simply include them on our “Testimonials” page. This portion of our homepage provides a new rotating feature. It sifts through many of the awesome clients who have taken advantage of our services over the years. Can we add you to that list?

For information about any and all of our services, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL today!

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